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Leakage won’t harm nurses — PRC

Leakage won’t harm nurses — PRC

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) disputed claims yesterday that the leakage in this year’s nursing board examinations will harm the chances of passers who wish to work abroad.

Hospitals abroad, particularly those in the United States, do not hire an entire class but individuals who show through the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), screening, and orientation, that they have both the skills and motivation to provide health care, PRC officials said.

"It is not the leakage but the controversy that could harm Philippine standing," they said. "In fact, a number of US recruitment and placement firms have invited 2006 June passers to apply with their agencies."

One agency described the threat that foreign employers would not hire the June 2006 passers as "ridiculous."

David Huff, head of GSN agency, explained that "hiring is much more thorough than determining if a person passed a licensure examination."

"Having high grades may get an applicant to the interview levels, but will quickly be forgotten in the required demonstration skills. There are even states, such as California, that may not even require the PRC license," Huff said.

In a press statement, the PRC also bared measures officials are taking to prevent leakage problem in the future.

These include asking Congress to enact a bill that will compel review centers to submit the names of their reviewees to the PRC to identify beneficiaries in case of leakage and make correction of scores more specific and to revise the rules in accrediting professional organizations to include criteria that owners, officials, and teachers of review centers should not be officials of the Accredited Professional Organization which nominates members of the board to remove all possible sources of conflict of interest.

The PRC also proposed to the Commission on Higher Education to incorporate a three to six-month review course in the curriculum an integrating subject at the end of the course work to provide the needed synthesis to examinees and correct the weaknesses on internal PRC system to further strengthen controls in examinations.

The commission announced that while the decision to release the examination results was for the benefit of the majority, the investigation being conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation is still going on and the publication of the results of the examinations do not mean that those involved will not be penalized.


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