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Assembly tomorrow in front of PRC

BULLETIN : [ Requested to be posted ]

guys our permit had been granted for an assembly tom9am, infront of PRC.. wear white with black armband orribbon..please make placards or streamers for noretake.mobilize please.we have to showforce.thanks.pakipasa sa friends from other schools

-Toto Aquino

Retake is the only option.......

why retake only, if we say yes to retake we admit we are incompetent and we cheated to pass, a retake means "proving ourselves again and cleansing our names", we have proven ourselves and we did nothing wrong thus we have nothing to cleanse our names so we do not want to retake...

Yung mga gusto ng retake, they're pushing for it kasi nga gusto nila mabura yung record nila na bumagsak sila. Pati tuloy yung mga pumasa, gusto nilang idamay.
Pustahan tayo, yung mga nagpu-push ng retake, yan yung mga bumagsak at nakakita ng butas para mabura yung record nilang Take 2 sila. Wanna bet?
Before they say "Retake!", let's see them present proof na passer nga sila... Hehe!

Mga kaibigan,please let us not forget that we are all victims here...passed or failed..di nyo ba napapansin na ever since lumabas ito yung PRC gusto magbangga tayo-tayo,because of two different opinions...I believe DIVIDE and CONQUER ang style nila para makalimutan natin mga faults nila...dapat wag kalimutan kung sino ang biktima dito sa isyu na ito at kung sino ang may mali...Please wag natin kalabanin isat isa for PRC are pushing us to do so.para makalusot sila....

I'm pretty sure people here who claim that they passed the NLE and would want a retake are NOT REALLY PASSERS. Any victim would always seek justice in every which way they can.

It's not about credibility anymore, now, were fighting for justice! If we succumb to their political motives, then we as a nation have lost again. The politicians want to sacrifice the innocent filipino to impress the foreigners all over again. The supposed to be concerned nurses wants to sacrifice the innocent for their personal gains & dignity. Why? It's because they are not the one's who will be sacrificed but "us", the inncoent victims. I hope that those who cannot understand this have the hearts & minds to do so..

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