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Palace leans toward a retake

Friday, August 25, 2006

Palace leans toward a retake

A consensus is forming in Malacañang that the nursing graduates who took the li­censure examination in June should take the test again.

Presidential Management Staff chief Arthur Yap on Thursday informed reporters of the consensus after Dr. Dante Ang, chairman of the Commission on Overseas Filipinos who was directed by the President to look into allegations that questions in the exam had been leaked, submitted his recommendations to President Arroyo Wednesday night.

Yap said Ang proposed a retake of the exam, particularly Tests 3 and 5, to remove the stigma of the leakage.

“We are trying to win back the confidence of the world market, and so Ang proposed that the examinees should retake the entire thing,” Yap said in an interview over Radio Mindanao Network.

In an interview on dzRH radio, Ang said he understood the frustration of the nursing students who passed the test but that the leakage issue must be cleared.

The nursing board of the Professional Regulation Commission had invalidated the tests on “clinical surgery” and “incremental health” and given the go-ahead for the oath-taking of the 17,000 who passed the board, but the Court of Appeals issued a restraining order.

Ang proposed that future nursing board exams be patterned after the National Council Licensure Examination.

Yap said the government wants to protect the integrity of the nursing profession, which has been tainted by the leakage.

He backed Ang’s recommendation, saying it would be hard to distinguish who among the examinees benefited from the leakage, and it was “not realistic” to expect the examinees who benefited from the leak to admit it.

Yap said Malacañang would still look at Ang’s recommendations.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque in a radio interview also supported Ang’s recommendation for a retake of the exam and appealed to hospital institutions to be fair to this year’s batch of nursing graduates.

Duque argued that nursing students’ rating in the licensure examination should not be the hospital management’s sole basis for hiring them. Students should also be assessed on the basis of their academic performance before they took the board exams.

Sen. Rodolfo Biazon has gone a step further and wants the entire exam invalidated.

Biazon, who had opposed a retake, now supports it after receiving reports that questions in Tests 1 and 2 were also leaked.

“But right now because of another report and another witness is saying that it is not only Tests 3 and 5 that had been leaked but also Tests 1 and 2. So with this additional information I would now support a retake,” he said.

Biazon said that the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization he heads will conduct another hearing Wednesday next week to look into the alleged leakage in Tests 1 and 2.

The investigation will also help craft a legislation to deal with cheating in board exams such as regulating the review centers by the Commission on Higher Education, he said.

George Cordero, owner of the INRESS Review Center and the Philippine College of Health Sciences who had been implicated in the leakage, was also president of the Philippine Nurses Association, which chose members of the PRC nursing board.

Cordero has resigned from the PNA.

“We need laws. I am looking at the possibility of proposing a law to regulate and control review centers because the result of the hearing indicates that leakage was made through the test centers Gapuz [Review Center] and INRESS,” Biazon said.

He has summoned officials of the PRC and the National Bureau of Investigation to the hearing. “Let us see if they will invoke Memorandum Circular 108.”

Biazon said Memorandum Circular 108, issued by President Arroyo, was similar to Executive Order 464, which requires consent from Malacañang before any government official can attend congressional hearings.

The circular prescribes the “guidelines on appearances of departments heads and other officials of the executive department before Congress.”
--Sam Mediavilla and Ronnie E. Calumpit


bakit basta na lang naniniwala sa witness?

imbestigahan nyo muna ang background ng witness nyo!

senator Biazon masyado akong na disappoint sayo! bago ka magbigay ng comment mo, siguraduhin mo muna na totoo yung sinasabi ng witness na iyan!

Eh halatang nag iimbento yan! correction lang sa sinabi nya ha. Walang Fatima Review Center! Our lady of Fatima university meron, meron ding Fatima Medical Center!

Ang Our Lady of Fatima University may in-house review sila na nagsimula pa noong december at ang mga students nila bago makagraduate at makapag board exam ay madami pang hirap na pinag dadaanan! Bago makagraduate ng nursing ang mga students nila they have to pass the comprehenssive exam, if they didn't they will not graduate and before sila mag take ng board exam ay kelangan nila maipasa ang qualifying exam, if they didnt they will not be allowed to take na board exam immediately, instead sa next na board exam pa sila take! Sa totoo lang 50 percent, more or less, lang ng mga grumaduate sa nursing ng Fatima ang pumasa sa qualifying exam!Tsaka if may leakage talaga sila bakit 50 percent lang ang passing nila, kasama na ang mga backlog, kung wala yung mga backlog 70 percent passing lang sila! kung may leakage sila sana nag top sila! eh wala nga pumasok sa top 10! Tsaka sa totoo lang yung mga exams and practice test na binibigay ng fatima ay mas mahirap kaysa sa mga ibinibigay ng review center noh! at mula nung nagsimula ang inhouse review ng fatima it is a fact na yung mga pumasa sa qualifying exam nila ay may higher chance of passing the board exam! For years Fatima produced topnotchers not just in nursing but also in medicine, and most of the time their passing rate was even higher than that of the national passing rate. It is also a fact that some of Fatima graduates ay may mataas na posisyon sa malaking hospitals as chief nurses or nurse superviors!

Pwede ba, pinalalaki lang lalo ng media ang issue, sila ang may kasalanan kung bakit umabot pa ito sa ibang bansa. ABS CBN pwede maglubay na kayo dahil napaka bias nyo! Nakakahiya kayo, sabi pa naman dun sa jingle ng bandila

Nakakahiya din ang Philippine Nurses Association because instead of protecting the integrity of Filipino Nurses isa pa sila sa mga dahilan kung bakit lumaki ang issue na ito ng ganito kalaki!

Yes, I am a graduate of Our Lady of Fatima University and I am proud to be one!

That despite sa leakage issue marami sa amin ang pumasa at alam namin na ang Fatima ay leakage free! kung may leakage kami dapat lahat kami pumasa, na dapat na occupy namin ang slots ng mga nag top!

Proud ako sa mga mentors namin dahil pinaghirapan nila ang mga review namin ---- lalo na ang review coordinator namin who made sure na lahat ng nag conduct ng review sa amin ay competent on their fields of practice!

Proud din ako sa school ko kasi pinaninindigan nila ang students nila! hindi tulad ng iba dyan!

..... sabi pa naman sa jingle ng bandila panig sa katotohanan, panig sa bayan! PWE! baka panig sa high ratings! dahil masyado nyo sinesensualize ang issue!

Yung nagpost sa itaas, parang you have your facts straight. I commend you for that esp vouching for your school's credibility. But you are missing something here. Bakit mo sinasabi pinapalaki ng media? Don't you guys understand how serious of a matter this is? This needs to come out. Assuming retake is not an option for a lot esp the honest ones (tulad mo, it sounds like), the whole world is watching. Recruiter lang yung magsalita na i ha-hire nya lahat ng pumasa, all 17,000. It may have made you guys feel better, but that is not reality sa US when it comes to hiring. Scrutinize nila talaga yan unless you want to be stocked sa maliit na facility, underpaid, taken advantaged of. You desrve a lot more than that.Hangat wala pang maraming time na nalo-lose, redeem yourselves. Hirap, kasi kawawa talaga karamihan pero di puede basta let it go like that. One bad apple ruins everything.

after a week, may lalabas ulit magsasalita na ang batch 2006 board passers ang pumatay kay ninoy o kaya kay rizal na! di naman kailangan imbestigahan ang integrity ng kung sinu-sinong mga nagsasalitang eh! basta may masabi lang ayos na!

for the longest time i have slowly lost the reason to be proud that i am a filipino, but being a victim of the failing systems here in this hellhole we call the philippines i now am proud to say i am ashamed to be filipino, "the good of the many outweighs the good of the one"? ganun na ba talaga ang mundo? kung ganyan lang edi pasabugin na ang Pilipinas dahil with resoning like this: the SIN of one is the sin of the MANY; that in order to cleanse our selves of the BAD we have to SACRIFICE the GOOD?; to WEED out the GUILTY we have to BURN even the INNOCENT? if this is the case THE EARTH SHOULD OPEN UP AND EAT THE ENTIRE ARCHIPELAGO OF THE PHILLIPINES coz that kind of logic means we are all guilty of SINS we did not even commit

board passers of june 2006 na pala ang redeemer ng sins committed by the culprits?! baka ang kasunod nito ay iutos na ng kung sinong pontio pilato diyan na ipako sa krus ang mga june 206 passers!

la na kayo magagawa...officials will not decide to invalidate the entire exams kung eto ay nakakasira sa mga 2006 nursing grad,, they're just being fair!!! they all just want an honest and clean exam... dapat nga they will not just concentrate on investigating the leakge thing but also on how the PRC checked the examinees test papers...biruin nyo naman almost all of my friends who took the exam and passed with almost the same grades of 75% from test 1 to 5.. anu yan?? hello... ginawang BOBO naman ng PRC yong ibang examinees!! another one since the PRC removed the 90% of test 5 and 20% of test 3 then they should as well adjust the passing grade of that said exam..right?? some examinees ay bumawi sa test 5 dahil forte nila ang phsyc at talagang madali lang yon without leakage..tapos tinanggal unfair naman din!! yong iba nakabawi kc from test 1 to test 5 may leakge na sila eh.. for those students na nag review sa kahit anung review centers at cnabi na wala silang leakage...i dont think its true!!!...di naman tayo ipinanganak nong 1920's anu?? heloo wake best RETAKE..once and for all sori!

Yung mga kating-kati sa retake edi magretake kayo. Mas marunong pa nga kayo sa PRC kaya i bet this time papasa na kayo. Hehehe! Goodluck

kung forte mo lang eh psych eh wag ka ng maging nurse. kung test 5 lang pala alam mo hahaha. HIndi unfair yun dahil nga may leakage kailangan may gawin sila sa exams natin na adjustment. puro kayo reklamo sa leakage pag may ginawa naman solution ayaw nyo kasi bumagsak kayo. HIndi bumaba ang passing average kung bumaba yan bakit mas maraming bagsak mag isip nga kayo. Ayaw nyo lang kasing aminin yung mga pasado ngyon JUNE 2006 magagaling :p. Na minus na ang lahat pumasa pa wahahaha

hindi ako nurse mga ungas!!!!!!! nakikisimpatyalang ako sa inyo para malinis kredibilidad niyo...... sino b naman ang tangang aamin na ngbenefit siya sa leakeage..... maskit man sa inyo na pumasa ngyaon pero ganunh talga, nagescalate yung sinasabing dayaan.... mas mahirap pa sa inyo ang kinuha kong exam para sa profession ko at hindi siya under ng prc...kaya wag kayong maggalinggalingan... kung kayo lang ang katapat ko, malayu kayo sa kakayahan ko..... sinasabi ko lang na ala na tayong magagawa kungdi linisin at ibalik ang kredibilidad ng kahit anung board exam.... sumisimpatay ako sa mga pumasa na hindi talga nandaya o nagbenefit sa leakage...pero panu papatunayan yun sa ngayon...eto ang facts maliwanag na me lumabas na iregularidad sa nasabing exam..... sabi nga nung isa, and i believe him, one bad (dagdagan ko na "spoiled") apple destrys everything.... kung takot kayo sa retake, so be it, tutal sabin ng prc optional naman, if u believe in your opinion no to retake, i respect that, but dont maligned those who want to redeem themselves especially if they feel na kaya nila ipasa ang exam, if not for the invalidation of some aspects of the test...peace to all!!! i am ot a nurse or an exam taker of this infamous june NLE

wag niyo na dagdagan paghihirap niyo...the end will justify the means.... kung magulo ngayon ang june 2006 exam, so be it, pero pag naibalik ang integridad niyo, kahit sa papanong paraan, mas maganda at palagay quantifiable na ang pagmeasure sa competence ninyo..... dont feel bad because somebody is espousing a retake, kung yan lang ang tanging paraan bakit hindi, let us not close our eyes to the fact na irreparable na ang leakage issue sa june 2006 exam.... kung talagang inosente kayo, it is good!!! but how will you prove it.... that is the basic issue...but on the other side there are numerous evidence pointing to one fact: dishonesty on the June 2006 nursing exam..... yung "hindi nandaya malinis ang konsensya" (while they may be correct) it is still subjective, it needs proof.... especially in this kind of issue where evidence is needed to support the opposite contention...hope you understand me.... thanx to every one...

Yes, I completely agree to anonymous 12:13am. We should not blame the media of exposing the NLE June '06 exam leakage. This is a national and world issue that everyone should know and entitled. Bakit natin patayin ang katotohanan at dapat malaman ng lahat? It is because it is not on our side, it is because it will hamper our personal agenda and ambition. It is because we are contented of what PRC have done to the leakage despite its questionable solutions had made? The commentor say it well that we should correct this WRONG actions made by the PRC which had not brought solutions but instead made us all divided. Why we prevent the truth to come out and be cleanse?

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