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kinakawawa ang june2006board passer

kinakawawa ang june2006board passer
Sent via email

We are not the ones who should be implicated here,because we are not the ones who are at fault! We aremere victims. The ones who should be castigated arethe responsible party for releasing the leakage andspreading the leakage. Why focus the limelight on thepassers? What happened to the investigation on the 2REVIEW CENTERS implicated!? One was the oneresponsible for acquiring the leakage and anotherreview center the one responsible for spreading theleak to their reviewees.

How about the students who weren’t able to afford theEXORBITANT fees that these review houses charge theirreveiwees and instead enrolled in other CLEAN reviewcenters? Those who reviewed on their own like us whopatiently toiled day after day in our homes?Did they ever ask us about our reactions? Do they knowthat most examinees who didn’t have the leak werealmost in tears because some of our room mates in theboard exams finished TEST5 in just 30 minutes and somefinished TEST 3 in just 1 hour.

Most of us who didn’thave the leak slaved away to answer it in 2 hours!Do they know that the innocent board takers were evenaghast at how reviewees from these review centersairily declared how easy TEST5 was because of the“PATOK BULLETS” (meaning exact copy of part 5)provided by their review center? How they evenarrogantly declared their review center’s name?

I admire Senator Biazon and Justice Secretary Gonzalesfor supporting us and clearly seeing what should beseen. What they say is true! Justice Secretary stated,“Why punish the majority for the fault of a few?”.Senator Biazon has expressed his support, “I amsupporting the administration of oath to the examineesprovided those who may have been responsible in theagencies be criminally and administratively charged.”

A fact that should be considered. Why punish the boardtakers when not all of us had access to the leakage?And why punish the board takers when we are merevictims of corrupt people trying to “up” their reviewschool’s enrollment by getting hold of a leakage. Angganda nga naman sales talk nun! Enroll with us 100%passing kami! I also admire Mam Octaviano, and therest who fight for the rights of the 2006 June passer.In time Mam, we will show that we are worth it. Thatwe are COMPETENT, and can even past the nclex andcgfns with pure hardwork and honesty.. We aresincerely praying for those who sided with theMAJORITY who didn’t cheat..remeber, 17thousand passand let's say 7thousand of these enrolled in thereview about those 10thousand who arehonest and work hard?

As far as I’m concerned, the result is final and validfor me. TEST 5 has already been nullified and the 15items of leak in TEST 3 was already removed. How wasthe score for TEST5 computed? Take the average ofTESTs 1 to 4 and assign that average to TEST 5. Howwas the overall average computed? Get the average ofTESTs 1 to 5. Unfair? I don’t think so. You see, evenif these TESTS had respective titles..TEST1-Fundamentals of Nursing was not all aboutFundamentals, TEST2-Community Health Nursing was notall about Community Nursing, TEST3 and 4-MedicalSurgical Nursing was not all about Medical-SurgicalNursing, TEST5-Psychiatric Nursing was not all aboutPsychiatric Nursing.

The questions were integrated,widely distributed and there was no delineation. Foreach test, a certain percentage of the questionspertained to different topics about Nursing. The ExamDistribution for EACH TEST is as follows:- 10% of the questions for each test was all aboutNursing Research and Quality Improvement (whichtackled Fundamentals, MS,OB, PEDIA, GERIA, Community,Commuicable Diseases and Psych),- another 10% was all about Nursing Management (whichonce again tackled Fundamentals, MS,OB, PEDIA, GERIA,Community, Commuicable Diseases and Psych)- 20% was about Legal Responsibilities,Ethico-Moral-Legal Responsibilities, PersonalProfessional Development (which also tackledFundamentals, MS,OB, PEDIA, GERIA, Community,Commuicable Diseases and Psych) and- 60% was all about Safe Quality Care, Communication,Collaboration and Health Education (which once againtackled Fundamentals, MS,OB, PEDIA, GERIA, Community,Commuicable Diseases and Psych)

So you see, even if TEST5 was invalidated and 15questions were removed from TEST3, the Board exams wasstill able to test each student’s competence inNursing. So if those who had the leak FAILED, it’sbecause they were only able to score high on the partsthat they already know, but fail on the parts theydon’t have any idea about. And if those who had leaksPASSED, it just shows that they obviously passed theother tests even if the invalidated parts andquestions could have made their average higher. Goesto show they ARE competent anyway.

PRC has already decided that the retake is voluntaryand both passers and non-passers are already given thechance to retake TESTS3 and 5 either to pull up theiraverage or to give them the chance to become passers.I am ok with that. My friends who did not pass were okwith that. The funny thing is, those who arecomplaining and bent on pursuing the case are the oneswho benefited from the leakage! Have you everquestioned why this certain school is so bent onpursuing the case? It’s because THE IMPLICATED REVIEWCENTER IS THEIR IN-HOUSE REVIEWER! What makes themreally furious is they were not able to put theleakage they got to good use. When the result wasfirst computed and was not yet announced to thepublic, this school got a 100% passing rate. But whenTEST5 and 15 questions were removed from the exams andthe results was announced to the public, their passingrate dropped to 80+%. So who really benefited from theleakage? The nerve to even pass an injunction andinvalidation of the oath to the Court of Appeals! Idon’t think I want such CORRUPT NURSES to populate thePASSERS OF THE JUNE2006 NLE.

The witness who testified at the senate hearing Ibelieve his name is Mr. Dennis Cesar Bautista is noteven a passer!! The nerve to even say he passed whenhis name is not in the roster of passers. Check What a liar!!!Filipinos had always been lousy losers in the past butthis is one glaring example.

Did people stop to try and UNDERSTAND why BON and PRCare standing with us? Did people even know about this?No! They just go on and talk about something theyobviously don’t know anything about! These BIGOTS justlisten to what is fed to them and just duplicate theirthinking. To all the people out there who arecondemning our batch, SHAME ON YOU! Wala kayong alampero salita kayo ng salita.

well said!

Not just well said, but Very well said! thank you sir/mam for speaking up!

It's an "EYE OPENER", lalu na dun sa mga madaling magpadala sa mga maling informations na kinakalat ng mga "LOSERS". May kasabihan tayo na: "ANG MGA LATANG WALANG LAMAN, MAS MAINGAY". Ganun ngayon ang nangyayari sa kanila, kung sino pa ang cheaters sila ang maingay at nanggugulo.

It's an "EYE OPENER", lalu na dun sa mga madaling magpadala sa mga maling informations na kinakalat ng mga "LOSERS". May kasabihan tayo na: "ANG MGA LATANG WALANG LAMAN, MAS MAINGAY". Ganun ngayon ang nangyayari sa kanila, kung sino pa ang cheaters sila ang maingay at nanggugulo.

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