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Nursing exam retake set for appeal

National (as of 1:15 PM)

Nursing exam retake set for appeal

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas will seek President Arroyo's reconsideration after she rejected a recommendation for all examinees who took the leaked nursing board exams to retake the test.

Commission chief Dante Ang said the examinees have the right to retake the test. "May katungkulan din tayong bigyan ng best health care possible ang mga pasyente at saka mga ospital (We also have a duty to churn out the best health care possible to patients and hospitals)," he said in a DZMM interview.

The President had wanted to spare those who passed the exam following a directive to Chairwoman Leonoro Tripon-Rosero on Monday to "punish those who cheated and benefited from the leakage."
Ang, however, said he will explain to Mrs. Arroyo why a proposal was made for all examinees to retake Tests 3 and 5 of the licensure exam.

The retake would shed light to doubts on the integrity and capability of those who took and passed the examination, he added.

Ang said the issue is not whether the examinees passed or failed but the question of competence of nurses and the trust and confidence that hospitals have on them.

Ang also leads a presidential task force that is leading efforts in applying for Manila to be recognized as a National Commission Licensure Examinations (NCLEX) testing site.

At present, Filipino nurses who wish to sit for NCLEX have to take the test either in Singapore or Taiwan.

nakakainis ka na DANTE ANG, pwede ba tumanggap ka na ng pagkatalo no. para matapos na issue.. bwisit ka talaga!!

Mr. Dante Ang should know his limitations.

If he believes that he is technically qualified to pass judgment on the issue, will he please release to the public through media his academic and experience background so we will have an idea as to whether he is credible or not. Because if he is not credible, he is not only wasting the time of Filipinos, he is also harming a part of its youth.

Mr. Ang's insistence on RETAKE shows his LACK OF MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE. If 17,000 innocent passers are asked to retake, definitely they will fight back. This means that the issue will drag on with concomitant BAD PUBLICITY. This means that there will be a CONTINUING REMINDER to the international community that CHEATING takes place in our exams, and that impression will apply not only to 2006 but also to prior years' examinations. Hindi naman sila tanga para isipin na sa 2006 lang nangyari ang cheating. And we cannot blame them if we leave them an impression that such CHEATING will not stop and will still persist in FUTURE EXAMS!

In the end, the nation will be the loser....

It is difficult to argue with Mr. Ang because he is not a technical expert on nursing, and he is merely exposing his IGNORANCE.


OHHH.....ayan ka na naman "IPIS NG SOUP".....humihirit ka na naman eh d ka na nga authorized ni President Arroyo....dapat kasi wag ka na time ihuhulog ka na namin sa inodoro..dun ka nababagay DANTE time pag hindi na kami nakapagpigil eh pisain ka na lang namin ahihihiih...

haaaayyyy naaaaakkkkuuuuu!!!mr.ang,ano feeling?para k tuloy sinampal ni gma ng mag-asawang sampal.kc wag k n magrekumenda.wla k makukuha porsiyento pag nagkaroon ng nclex dito s pilipinas.kung asikasuhin mo ay ung lagay ng ofw's n tumatalon s akala mo mga superheroes,papalakpakan p kita.ISA K KC BUHAY N PROBLEMA AT BANGUNGOT s mga board passers ng 2006.manahimik k n lng kya.

I wish what Mr. Dante Ang saw on TV about the recent war in Lebanon registered something to him, in his capacity as Chairman of the Commission on Overseas Filipinos (COF). I hope the MAJOR PROBLEMS of our workers abroad dawned upon him: INHUMAN TREATMENT BY THEIR FOREIGN EMPLOYERS, LIKE PHYSICAL ABUSE, RAPE, OVER-EXTENDED WORKING HOURS, UNDERPAYMENT OR EVEN NON-PAYMENT OF SALARIES, and other forms of maltreatment. I know of an OFW who decided to return from the Middle East because his salary was not paid in full for more than a year. His passport was taken by his employer and he had to complain before he could leave and go home. He lamented the unfair treatment he got and his uncollected salary until his dying day.

The Philippine Government joined WTO and embraced globalization. But our government ECONOMISTS did not see what was terribly wrong into what we are going into. We agreed to TRADE LIBERALIZATION of PRODUCTS but, compared to other countries, WE DO NOT HAVE much PRODUCTS to EXPORT. Our main export is LABOR, but it was NOT included in liberalization. Moreover, we brought down our tariff rates to levels not yet required--we overdid it--to the jeopardy of our manufacturers and producers. Thus, we are at the short end of the bargain.

Our government should have set as a PRECONDITION to our joining WTO and agreeing to trade liberalization the inclusion of the PROTECTION of our OFW’s in the GLOBALIZATION PACKAGE or protocol-—but it apparently failed to do it. Therefore, it should DO RIGHT NOW what it did not do then—-join hands with other affected Asian nations (to gain more clout) and work for the INCLUSION of the PROTECTION of WORKERS of labor-exporting countries (like the Philippines, Indonesia, India, etc.) in the GLOBALIZATION PROTOCOL among WTO member-countries. For non-WTO nations, we should work for bilateral or multilateral agreements on the matter. For example, to address the underpayment or non-payment of salaries of our OFW’s, especially domestic helpers, our government should work for an agreement with the governments of foreign employers to the effect that the salaries of our OFW’s shall be deposited by their employers in banks for the account of our OFW’s. This way, there will be records or audit trail of proper or improper payments of their salaries in case they are constrained to complain.

I hope COF Chairman Dante Ang would redirect his energies to his real job-—solving the myriad problems of our OFW’s because it seems nobody is attending to them--and so this is where he is needed most. The underpayment of salaries I cited happened more than 10 years ago. Based on recent TV newscasts on the Lebanon war, it persists to this day.


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