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Pinoy BSN Needs NEW Administrators, Contributors and Channel Operators

To facilitate the rapid growth of the student nurse community, PinoyBSN is looking for 3 more administrators, 10 contributors and 5 channel operators.


Have access to everything , from templates to posting. Responsible for editing posts from any members including fellow administrators in case of corrections.

Will continuously provide helpful information for the Nursing students. Test exams, News, Opinions etc.

Frequent posting is required.


Casual posters who have access to posting. Can edit his posts only.

Will provide News, Information, Exams, Test questions for the Nursing students.

Frequent posting not required.


Have knowledge on MIRC and CHANSERV/NICKSERV Commands

Frequently online to monitor the channel, Can online for long periods of time.


Write the positions you are applying for , details about you and things you will do to contribute to the growth of Pinoy BSN towards a non profit service for the Nursing students.

Pinoy BSN Is a NON PROFIT Blog site. We do not receive any forms of income running the site. We expect volunteers who will participate in the community together with our goal of PURE NON PROFIT SERVICE To uplift standards of Nursing education by building an ACADEMIC COMMUNITY for nursing students.

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