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PRC UPDATE : RETAKE OPTIONAL, June 2006 TOP 20 Positions SECURED. August 22 oath taking postponed.


PRC Announced today (July 15, 2006) that RETAKE IS OPTIONAL to those who want to take the examination again. PRC said that the whole test, NP 1 TO NP 5 can be taken again or retakers can choose only NP 3 and 5 or any of the 2 sets, NP 3 only or NP 5 only.

Both passers and failed examinees of June 2006 can retake the examination voluntarily. If you retake the exam, your previous exam plus your rating will be invalidated (this is as good as your first time to take the exam). And if you manage to get higher scores than those on top last June exam, you will be rostered in the December 2006 board placers.

Examination is scheduled in December 2 and 3 2006, same time and same examination as for the December batch.

Current June 2006 topnotchers positions are not going to be affected by any of the retakers who will manage to get a higher score among the previous top 20, instead, they will be included and ranked in the December board roster.

Registration is ongoing in PRC and the oath taking is not yet scheduled. August 22, 2006 oath taking was cancelled and will probably be scheduled by the end of this month or last week of september.

Stand by for further announcements.

confirmed na po ba ito?

r we sure we can retake only parts of the exam?

yup! either you can take the whole set of tests or take both test 3 and 5 or take 5 only.. open to all who both passed and failed the exam last june 2006

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