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NBI probes ‘Baguio’ angle in board exam leakage

NBI probes ‘Baguio’ angle in board exam leakage

By Jing Villamente

The National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Fraud and Computer Crime Division is accusing on the “Baguio City angle” to clear confusion over the controversial leakage-tainted June 2006 Nursing Board Exam.

Division lawyer Elfren Meneses said their probe would end this month to determine if there was indeed a leakage of questionnaires.

“We are still conducting inquiries from the people involved in preparing the questionnaires as well as the Baguio City review center personnel reportedly the source of the leakage,” Meneses said.
He added that their probe aimed to determine the criminal liability of the people behind the leakage, and file the corresponding charges against them.

Meanwhile, hundreds of nursing students including examinees in the controversial June 2006 examination demonstrated in front of the Professional Regulation Commission yesterday to call for an immediate resolution of the said leakage.

The lead initiator of the PRC rally is a newly formed coalition of stakeholders named Alliance of Nursing and Nursing Students Working for Relevant Education and Service which believes that the leakage manifests the growing decline in the quality of nursing education specifically the values-component of the profession now being replaced by profit-orientation instead of service.

“The consensus to mass up in front of the PRC is brought about by the delay in the resolution of the leakage and the attempt to cover it up. There is also delay in penalizing the guilty and accountable parties even though some of them have already been identified,” said Dr. Cecilia Laurente, former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Nursing and the chairman of the Steering Committee of Answers, said.


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