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Nurses slam June anomaly, press for reforms

Nurses slam June anomaly, press for reforms

By Florante S. Solmerin

The Alliance of New Nurses, which groups the 17,821 examinees who passed the June 2006 licensure examination, yesterday urged the government to prosecute the people behind the recent leakage and appealed for support to their cause.

In a statement, the group also batted for reforms in the nursing profession even as it opposed a proposal requiring all June examinees to take the test again.

They said that over the course of four years, they have completed all the requirements for a nursing degree, including 2,500 hours of related learning experience or actual clinical and community duty.

“As entry level or novice nurses, passing the NLE is only the first step in gauging our competence. We still have to undergo several exams and training programs in the hospitals where we choose to work and the same applies to those of us who would like to work abroad,” the group said.

These tests include the NCLEX or the National Council Licensure Examination, Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools examination, and English proficiency exams such as the International English Language Testing System or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

“In the end, it is our actual performance, or the practical application of our theoretical knowledge, which will prove our competence.”

The group pointed out that the alleged leakage did not emanate from the examinees, saying that it is the greatest injustice to label all the 17,821 as “incompetent cheats.”

The Philippine Hospital Association, Philippine Nurses Association, Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines, and National League of Philippine Government Nurses, support the new group.

However, because of the temporary restraining order and the case filed by certain individuals in the Court of Appeals, their licenses and certificates of registration can not be released by the Professional Regulation Commission.

This issue has given rise to other allegations concerning the integrity of the members of the Board of Nursing and the officials of the PRC, the leadership of the nursing profession, and the quality of nursing education in the country.

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