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PNA bats for nurses' oath-taking

PNA bats for nurses' oath-taking

The Philippine Nurses Association on Wednesday reversed its decision to nullify the results of the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) after majority of its members voted for the oath-taking of board passers.

"Majority of the general membership agrees to the oath-taking because the [Professional Regulation Commission] has allowed the oath-taking already," Marilyn Yap, PNA president, told a DZMM interview.

Yap said the group held a referendum among members to determine their sentiments on the NLE leakage. She said PNA had received complaints from its members following the decision for an exam retake.

"Many of our members, [including the] deans, participated. Some of the deans in their respective provinces participated in the oath-taking and then the parents [were] also calling our office," she said.

In a separate DZMM interview, the chief of the National Bureau of Investigation’s anti-fraud division said that it is too early to say whether the bureau will recommend the retake of the examination.

"I want to [get] to the bottom of this… since our investigation is still ongoing, In the meantime, we will not comment on this," lawyer Efren Meneses said.

Meneses added that NBI is now investigating nursing review centers, universities and colleges in connection with the leakage. He said that the bureau is preparing the sworn statements of witnesses and the schools.

NBI had recommended to the Office of the Ombudsman last week that Board of Nursing examiners Anesia Dionisio and Virginia Madeja should be prosecuted for violating Republic Act 8981 (Professional Regulation Commission Modernization Act) and Republic Act 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act).

A Professional Regulation Commission probe also pinned George Cordero, former PNA president, based on witnesses' testimonies that he paid P7 million to get copies of NLE questions.

Reports also said that the leaked questions were shown to examinees during the "final coaching" conducted by INRESS Review Center in SM Manila last June. Cordero, who owns INRESS, has denied any wrongdoing.

Some 17,000 examinees out of 42,000 nursing graduates passed the examination conducted on June 11-12.

PRC had allowed the oath-taking of board passers last month. It was, however, stopped by a 60-day temporary restraining order issued by the Court of Appeals.

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