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The real issue is not really on the integrity of the new nurses but the integrity of the PRC itself. If you already know that it was only a short list of individuals why is it taking so long to flush him/her out. "A lifestyle check may be an easy way to flush out the perp." You can quote me on that.

It is so easy to pick on the new nurse rather than investigating the real source of the problem: the PRC . This is basically an issue of Quality Control. It does not take a high school diploma to conclude that the nursing students were not the ones who smuggled the questions out of the PRC: it was someone in the inside who did it or facilitated it.

Unfortunately finger pointing is the norm. More familiar are the mass media who in my humble opinion are there for no other reason but to sell their daily paper or rake in advertisements. Thus it is not surprising that here and there a story or editorial will be one sided. Flashback of an all too familiar scene:

a. A popular daily ran an editorial titled "Sellout" by one writer sometime last year chastizing a RN who had topped the Medical Boards only to leave for the US to work as a RN.

b. Sometime last year in a TV channel of minimal viewership, a former health Secretary was citing cases of second course nurses (MDRNs) who allegedly were sent home because they were "dodoktor-doktoran" with the then PNA President nodding in agreement. Both seemed happy at the supposed misfortune of these individuals.

As a person is it not hypocritical of a Doctor to be ecstatic on the supposed misfortune of a fellow doctor, and for a nuse to be nodding in agreement? Call a spade a spade. Makes you think when you renew your PMA and PNA if these individuals with cajones are really after your well being or after your annual dues.

Anyway in a perfect world, procedures get evaluated: when things go wrong adjustments are made. Just like in the nursing world: when something untoward happens in the ward, the solution is not to penalize the duty nurses. Ideally the incident is evaluated to determine the underlying cause, then changes are instituted so that future recurrence of the same problem is avoided.

Oh well, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that is my 2 cents.
*disclaimer: opinions are not to be taken as truth. :)

*received via email from al cantoria*

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