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Voicing out against a retake

Voicing out against a retake
Sent via email

Greetings my fellow Nurses,

I’m already starting to have a headache because of these thoughts that are pestering my mind. I feel like I’m about to explode, and if I don’t let these things out… I might just lose my sanity…I’m a board passer of the recent June 2006 nursing board exam. And I just want to voice out what’s inside my mind.

When I was still reviewing, I remembered a professor saying that he feels nervous about our batch because were the so called “Experimental batch” (experimental because of the new exam setting). After the board exam, because of a certain unfortunate event that affected us… we became the “Controversial batch”. And now after watching the debates in channel 7 and studio 23, I heard some people wanting us to be the “Sacrificial batch”. When I heard that, I think they’re already going too far!!!
I said to myself, what’s the matter with these people??? Don’t they know what they’re saying? I don’t know what has gotten into them that they want us to have a retake. Aside from the arrogance, stupidity, and hypocrisy that I see… there is injustice.

You may ask why I got to say arrogance, this is because one of the board exam passers whom I saw in channel 7 specifically in the show “Debate” was just merely exaggerating his own importance or self-proclaimed genius because his 100% percent sure he could again pass the board exam… I do admire his courage and confidence…but what about the others who studied hard and did not cheat who only got an overall grade of 75%? What do you think would they feel?
For stupidity, I got to say this because why in the world would you ask for a retake if you have already passed. Others say, because they want to clear there name. Well then, if you feel guilty about it and you feel like you did not deserve to pass go ahead file for a retake.
Anyway, the PRC already declared that a retake is optional. But then why should they force or urge others to have a retake??? Well there’s only one answer for that, because they’re scared to do it alone…
For hypocrisy… this came into mind because some passers specially the girl that I saw in studio 23 who is a board passer said that she’s willing to retake the exam for the dignity of the nursing profession. Did she really say that? Hmmm I don’t think that’s the real case… she just got to say that because she’s not satisfied of the grade she got. Another one is the undergraduate who answered that if he was in our situation he would still have a retake and as usual… same reason…for the good of the nursing profession… and for me that’s bullshit! He only got to say those because he knows that he is in a debate and he has to stand firm with his decision and that because he stood up for his school. It’s easy for him to say… because it’s not his ass that’s on the line. He does not know how it feels like for others when your about to take the board exam. As a nurse I suggest to him that he should learn more on the art of empathy. Even if he may find it easy for himself when his time comes…he must also think of the others, who had a hard time studying and preparing for the exam who passed without any leakage and already wants to work as a Nurse and support there families and no longer wants to go through that very hard exam. While I was watching this undergraduate answering the question, I could read his movements and I could even sense the slight jitter in his voice saying that he is not purely sure that he could allow himself to have a retake if he would put himself in our shoes who are innocent. Even if he was good in hiding it or continuously answering the question firmly…the truth was still in his eyes.
As for injustice… well, majority of us June 2006 board exam passers who did not benefit
from the leakage, who reviewed day and night and sacrificed, money and concentration for the exam deserve the right to pass and choose not to have a retake. We are victims here. And personally, I know and God even knows that I passed the exam fair and square. And humanly speaking, I’m not a saint nor a martyr who can willingly sacrifice my self by having a retake knowing that I am innocent.

I really pity the Nursing 2006 graduates from a particular University who are being urged or forced to have a retake (I guess you guys know who you are). Aside from being condemned by their faculty and schoolmates for refusing not to have a retake, they are also being persecuted. But don’t worry guys…have courage and fight for your rights!
And as for the undergrads who are being manipulated like pawns and blinded. They don’t know how it feels like to suffer, to try controlling the tremendous anxiety, to study almost 24 hours a day for an exam that holds one of the keys for you to become a nurse. The main root why their College of Nursing is doing this is because they just can’t accept the fact that none of their students made it to the top 5, two of their best students failed, and because their passing rate went down. I understand there intentions…but I just don’t like the idea of involving the innocent.
I feel sad for what’s happening right now. Amidst this chaos, I know that there is still hope… But a mass retake is definitely not an answer for me. I don’t know what’s installed for us June 2006 board exam passers. But whatever God’s decision maybe… may it be for the good of us all. And may justice be served. So keep on praying guys…

Sent Via Email
Echo Charlie

ndi ba injustice din yung paglower ng average sa test 5?
you sed empathy, bakit ikaw? unfair sa kabatch natin na nakakuha ng 88 percent, dahil sa leakage, tinagal yun at baka nga bumagsak pa sya.. paano kung baliktarin natin... paano nagkaleakage yung pinakamataas mong grade? lets say test 1 and 2 ang may leakage? and test 1 and 2 expert ka... thats the problem sa mga nurse ngayon, be open minded. im not for a retake nor for oathtaking. ang gusto ko lang maging open minded. wag lang isang side iisipin. sa totoo lang ang kawawa d2 yung mga walang leakage na bumagsak. ndi yung mga nakapasa na sinasabi mong 17 k. and also kayu kayo na mismo nagaaway. yung mga pumasa.

i feel the same the way you feel right now because we know that we passed because of our effort and faith with God...and not because of the the one who made a comment...You open our mind and understand what we feel..but i dont expect you will coz it is not you neither your sister nor your brother who got into this's very hard for us who made in the board to take again not because you have to prepare again, spend again and make an effort but because deep down in you, you know you passed because of your determination and for your just wondering why are they running after the examinees but ignoring the culprits of this mess....i dont mga bumagsak...very fortunate pa rin sila kasi they have another chance to pass...and thats the only thing that is good with this leakage...

anonymous 1! masyado kang technical e..palibhasa wla ka statistics kya..ncompute na po ang rating ntin na fair sa lahat kaya wag u cge satsat jan na as if alam mo lhat ng ngyari..d kasalanan ng mga nkakuha ng leakage kasi in the 1st place review centers ang ngbigay sa knila..what will they do?pumikit na lng?bitter ka lng kasi wla ka leakage..
stupid tlga ang retake na yan! super hirap ng mga pinagdaanan nmin just to passed the exam..why can't we just move on and bhala na ang NBI mghanap ng mga guilty sa leakage issue na yan!!!

Ito ay para doon lang sa nakakaintindi!!!!!

Isang halimbawa...

1. Sabihin natin na lahat meron hawak ng leakage at kukuha silang lahat ng exam, ang passing ay 75 above, therefore meron babagsak at papasa, at pasado ang 75 above at bagsak naman ang below 75... di ba. Alangan naman pasado lahat sila...

2. Ganoon rin kung walang leakage kung kukuha sila lahat ng exam ang passing 75 above. Dito meron papasa at babagsak. Pasado ang 75 above at bagsak naman ang below 75...Ok ba???

3.Kahit meron leakage o wala ang pasado ay pasado talaga kasi kung ang isang studyante meron hawak na leakage aside from iyong kanyang nalalaman when you combine it natural pasado siya.

4. Kapag hindi ka naman talaga nag-aral at leakage lang ang hawak mo natural wala kang sagot sa iba at leakage lang ang sagot mo therefore hindi ka pasado.

5. Suma-total... May leakage o wala ang nakapasa dito ay talagang marunong lang at meron nalalaman, kaya ang nakapasa sa 2006 ay talagang nakapasa...

Ok ba?????

Yang talagang me pumapasa na halos kalahati ng nursing examinees ay nakita na based on regression analysis and law of probability. There was never a year when nobody passed--and RETAKE is going against this reality, which is why it is WRONG!

Hindi kasalanan ng 17,000 passers yung downgrading ng Test 5. It has to be done to remove the effect of leakage and avoid erroneous 100% retake by all examinees. PRC cannot distinguish who were with and without leakage on Test 5, so, to preserve the validity of the exam and protect the name of the nursing profession, recomputation has to be done using downgraded Test 5--and THAT METHOD WAS APPLIED TO ALL EXAMINEES!
The result is a MORE DIFFICULT exam with HIGHER MORTALITY that produced only the MORE COMPETENT nurses--contrary to the impression of pretenders who think they are above the 2006 passers! It allowed to pass only those with high enough grades in ALL SUBJECTS and eliminated those with high grade in Test 5 but not high enough in Tests 1 to 4.

Now, those with high enough grades in ALL SUBJECTS certainly deserve to pass. They should not be asked to retake just because there were a few exceptions--and we should not make rules on the basis of exception--whose high grades in Test 5, when downgraded, failed to save them because they have lower grades in other subjects.

Asking 17,000 passers to retake because there were non-passers who performed less than them in all subjects is not justice--it is Filipino CRAB MENTALITY at its worst! It is against our democratic principle of THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER.

Ito naman ang masasabi ko...Kung ito naman mga advocate ng retake ay talagang for "INTEGRETY, DIGNITY AND HONOR" dapat kung iyan talaga ang gusto niyong mangyari ay dapat manguna kayo sa pag-retake kasi alam naman ng lahat na mula pa noon hanggang sa ngayon palagi at talamak na yan leakage na yan at huwag ninyo sabihin na exempted kayo diyan. Hindi pwede at hindi kami naniniwala na dapat batch 2006 lang ang dapat mag-retake, dapat lahat kayo mula noon hanggang ngayon para siguradong matupad ang sinasabi ninyo na dignity and honor na yan. The best way na dapat i-surrender ninyo ang license ninyo at manguna kayo para at least maniwala kami na kaya ninyong gawin ang gusto ninyong mangyari na mag-retake. Dito mapapatunayan kung totoo kayo sa mga sinsabi ninyo. Walang exemption maging Deans, BON at lahat ng nasa Nursing profession.

Ang nangyayari kasi iyong mga advocate ng retake lalo na iyong mga parang matataas ang ego at matindi ang pride nag-uutos ng retake pero sila ayaw mag-retake.

Kung maglilinis ka ng table hindi lang ibabaw. Dapat pati sa ilalim at palibot nito kasama na ang hugas ng pinggan at mga kawali hindi iyong selective lang na para bagang nagmamalinis kayo kaya demand kayo ng demand na mag-retake. ang iniisip tuloy ng marami ay nagkukunwari kayo para lang makaiwas na makarating ang issue na pati kayo mag-retake kasi nga symptom lang iyang batch 2006 at noon pa malala na iyang sakit na yan. Nagkaroon lang na malakas ang loob na magsalita at sumigaw sa ngayon...

Pasensya na po sa spelling "Integrity po... mahina po ako sa spelling...

pasensya na po sa spelling "Integrity" kasi mahina po ako sa spelling...


agree ako dun sa anonymous 1. pasado ako pero nadaya ako. kahit anong sabihin mo, may dayaan na nangyari kaya kahit ano pang stastical treatment ang gawin dun, hindi mababago yun. proud akong sabihin na taga UST ako. hindi ako nahihiya at hindi ako natatakot. yung sinabi mong pinipilit kaming mag retake, hindi totoo yun. tsismis lang yun. sobra niyo naman i-condemn yung UST. hindi ako kasing confident nung nasa debate at y-speak na sure akong pag nagka-retake ay papasa ulit ako, pero willing ako na mag-retake ulit. wala naman mawawala e. parang the same thing lang din yun nung mga hindi pumasa. hindi naman ibig sabihin, pag hindi ako pumasa eh bobo na ako at d na ako magiging magaling na nurse. sinabihan na kami sa UST noon na wag kami mag alala kung hindi kami papasa. mahirap naman daw kasi tlaga ang board exams e. kaya ang UST, handa naman sila dun sa possibility na may mga students silang hindi talaga makakapasa.

sa mga nagbabasa nito, don't get me wrong. open ang isip ko sa mga anti-retake dahil siyempre, a part of me ayaw na mag retake dahil (1) tinatamad na ako mag aral para sa exams na subjective ang mga sagot at (2) kahit papano natatakot din ako na bumagsak ako, lalo pa at matagal rin akong hindi nagbubuklat ng libro. pero PARA LANG SA AKIN, mas ok na yung mag retake para malinis yung batch nating mga june 2006 passers. opinion lang po ito at sana wag niyo ako awayin. mga tao kasi dito pala-away e.

Isa sa pinakapangit na ugali ng Pilipino ay ang hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo, kaya nga pati sa presidential election ay walang natalo kundi nanalo at nadaya. Ganoon palagi.

Actually Pride lang naman ang pinagtatalunan na dito kasi meron mga bagsak na ayaw masabing bagsak at hindi matanggap ang pagkabagsak kaya ngayon nag-iiingay. Kung gusto talaga nila ng Dignity, Honor at Integrity ay kumuha lahat ng Nurse mula noon hanggang ngayon para siguradong malinis at walang bahid na matitira pa. Kasi kung batch 2006 lang eh parang panakip butas na lang ang issue na yan sa mga nakaraan na cheating or leakage...

sa nag post nung 5:51 pm

retake para malinis ang batch 2006 passers?

I don't think malilinis ng retake ang mga graduates / passers ng 2006 or ang nursing profession.

pls naman mga passer, wag nyo na kami idamay sa kalokohan nyo. nagrereview na kami. tapos ngayon sasabihin nyo na kami mga bumagsak gusto magretake. ndi ba kayo kayo mga pumasa ang nagbabangayan! hay.. and pls, wag nyo sabihin na anjan parin yung integrity. common! grumaduate kayo ng nursing, tapos integrity ndi nyo alam.

to 8:09
lets say totoo n sinasabi mo.. kunwari ikaw 3 en 5 un pinakamataas mo grade sa board,.kahit pa mataas ka dun kung failed ka naman sa ibang subj 1,2 en 4.wla effect yan. KUNG PASADO KA SA LAHAT NG TEST 1 2 3 4 5. wla ka prob kahit alisin pa ang leak questions.GANUN kung magaling ka s test 5 pero bagsak ka sa ibang subj bale wala u.kaya wlang INJUSTICE.EITHER ME ALAM KA SA BUONG TEST 1 2 3 4 5 O TLAGANG DI UMABOT UN GRADE MO.
kaw ang magng open minded.


UST dean and professors, ano po ang maisasagot ninyo sa sinabi ng iba na dun sa leakage ng PT exam nung 1996, di tumutol ang UST sa NO RETAKE dahil pabor sa kanila, ngayon lang tutol sa 2006 dahil di nag-top ang mga best bets nila. Pag may retake, they will have a new chance sa top spots. Paki-isplika po.

gusto ko lang i-explain dun sa huling nag post na kanya kanya kami ng college at faculty sa UST. kaya yung nangyari sa PT board exams, walang pakialam yung college of nursing dun. siguro, walang pakialam sa integrity yung dean nila kaya hindi sila nakialam.

pero eto lang comment ko... pro-retake ako pero i can feel na mas malaki talaga ang possibility na hindi magkakaroon ng retake. pero kahit pa ganon, naniniwala ako na sa pag-iingay na nangyari ng dahil sa june 2006 leakage issue, mas maraming mga issue na mas importante pa ang naipaalam sa public. i think that is more important. because of this issue, the review centers will be regulated, the BON has left their posts and the declining nursing education in this country because of low performing and mushroom schools has been presented. with that alone, kahit walang retake, sa palagay ko, nanalo na ang UST. mas malaki ang issue beneath this leakage. sana wag natin makakalimutan yun. at sana, yung mga pro at anti retake pareparehong makita iyon.

mga parts! nakikiramay ako sa mga kumuha ng exam last june, actually, one my wife's cousin did, she made it, pero wala rin nangyari. lumalabas na ang tunay na kulay ng pinoy, maisalba lang ang sarili, marami yan dito sa 'tate. ang mga politiko sa atin, dakdakn ng dakdakn, bago mangyari ang lahat, tapos na ang istorya. ganun pa ring klase ang pagpapatakbo ng gobyerno sa atin, kahit cno ang umupo diyan, walang sasalba sa kakurakutan na ginagawa sa bayan natin!

kaya nga ang solution to this problem is to go get the culprits...i am willing for a retake if and only if they have proven that i had the leakage..diba mga 06 passers.truth will prevail and will set us free, only for those who are honest passers, sa mga nakinabang, bahala na si Lord

So that's the deeper selfish motive behind the noise of the pro-retake group... at our expense, the innocent victims of your crab mentality... Kaming malinis ang kunsensiya na nagpakahirap mag-review para pumasa dahil sa marami naming nagmamahal na umaasa sa amin.
If that had been really your intent, why didn't you focus on that issue and go after the real and known culprits instead?
Nandiyan yung mga taga-PRC (who handled Baguio) and Gapuz for the 1-90 hand-written copy of Test 5...
Nandiyan si Rey Gapuz himself who, in the hope of muddling the accusation against his Review Center, later unwittingly showed (ala-Bunye holding 2 CDs) the 500 questionnaire guide for Test 5 that he got from Dionisio herself...
Nandiyan si Cordero who so blatantly bragged of his connection to the BON by showing Madeja's 20 (or 25) questions for test 3 just because she was (is?) part of PCHS faculty)...
Nandiyan na sila. All named.
Bakit kaming mga inosente sa leakage na yan ang iniipit ninyo? Is it because of the real reason na hindi nag-perform as expected ang mga pambato ng UST? And through a retake, you hope na this time around, UST would top it? Ang swapang naman ninyo.
UST does not have a monopoly of bright students, you know.
Mahiya naman kayo. Supposedly oldest Catholic school kayo dito. Christian nga ba kayo?
Pasensya na, ha? Pero malaki ang ibinaba ng tingin ko sa UST after all these selfish and self-righteous misdirected moves na ginawa ninyo.
Sa UST pa man din nanggaling ang nanay ko... ang sama ng ginagawa ninyo.

we have the same scenario at our school PCHS. pero mas nakakatawa ang nangyari sa amin. sobrang mahina dean namin. si valenueva. may leakage daw sabi nya kaya pinaparetake ung mga matataas. 85 and above ang magreretake. tanong namin, bakit 85 and above lang. sabi nya basta... mataas kaya automatic daw nagcheat kami. inexplain namin na ang questions nila kinuha sa nclex reviewer. ayaw paren maniwala ng dean namin. kaya kami, ndi nalang kami nagreklamo kasi baka ipitin pa ang graduation namin.. sa isip isip ko, wala pa kami naiiproprove. studyante palang kami kaya follow lang ng order. neways, ndi yan tlga yung issue, yung anak kasi ng president 84 lang yata ang nakuha. hehehe. kaya cutoff 85. walang kwenta tlga!

To 8:45 PM poster:

Bakit walang pakialam ang UST College of Nursing sa UST College of Physical Therapy? Hindi ba ang ipinaglalaban ng UST nursing school officials ay ang welfare ng PATIENTS, ng mga pasyente na baka mapahamak sa mga ayon sa kanila ay incompetent and dishonorable 2006 nursing exam passers?

Wala ba silang pakialam sa mga pasyente ng 1996 physical therapists na baka mapanganyaya sa kamay ng mga pumasa dahil lang sa leakage ng taong iyon? Bakit hindi sila lahat kumibo noon?

At saka, ang UST ba, walang Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer or Rector (or however called) na siyang tumitingin sa ginagawa ng mga colleges nila? At hindi ba pareho rin ang lawyers nila? Wala bang pakialam ang UST management over all of its colleges kaya kahit dapat kumibo sila noong 1996 ay tahimik lang sila? At ngayong gustong parusahan ng UST College of Nursing ang lahat, pati sarili nilang capable nursing graduates who passed the 2006 exams--and who would have passed with or without leakage--ay quiet din ang UST management? Anong klaseng paaralan ito?

The 2006 nursing scandal should be a lesson in HUMILITY to all complaining deans and teachers of all nursing schools. They are WRONG on their recommended RETAKE, which falsely assumes that the 2006 passers are below their level. Their unwarranted denunciation of the 2006 passers as incompetent and dishonorable is the reason why the public came to perceive them as such. It was a case of erroneously conditioning the minds of the public! However, the matter is beyond nursing, and maybe outside their competence--it goes within the problem-solving aspect of governance. Under which, they should not just look at the PRC exam system in resolving the problem. They should look at it as part of a much bigger whole, of the total picture. And what is that?

The total picture means retake is not the main solution to the problem because doing that will result in a case of solving a problem by creating another problem--or injustice to 17,000 passers! The first and foremost solution is institution of long-term REFORMS in the nursing licensure exam system, without which a retake will just be an exercise in futility. Second is the prosecution and punishment if found guilty of suspected culprits. This is secondary only because even if we do this, if we do not institute reforms in the PRC exam system, the problem of cheating will persist.

The total picture also means that we should NOT look at the nursing scandal in ISOLATION, we have to look at what others are doing in similar situations, because there must be fairness and CONSISTENCY in the application of laws, otherwise there will be discrimination and injustice to the 2006 passers. For example, if in the 2003 bar exam scandal, in lieu of retake, the Supreme Court merely excluded-- totally at that--the leakage-tainted Mercantile Law in the calculation of grades, why ask for retake in the nursing exam when there is a similar remedy--removing the effect of leakage from the leakage-tainted subjects? What's more, why ask for retake of Test 3 when 80 out of 100 questions are not tainted by leakage and remained valid. That remaining 80 questions for just ONE SUBJECT in Test 3 are even more than the first 75 questions in NCLEX for ALL NURSING SUBJECTS that, if successfully answered, will automatically declare the examinee as PASSED!!!

So, in the 2006 nursing scandal, the complaining deans and teachers and others merely EXPOSED their IGNORANCE in the handling of national problems like the nursing scandal. Their expertise is in nursing, not in solving board examination cheating--the two are different and require different skills! This is the reason why, despite their complaint, the NO RETAKE option is likely to prevail, as acknowledged by the 8:45 PM poster.

I like to point out, though, that whistle blowing on the leakage is not wrong. It takes courage and sacrifice to do that. Because of the whistle blowing, the need to reform the exam system is brought to the fore.

What is terribly wrong, however, is the WRONG SOLUTION offered to the cheating. The complainants have no regard whatsoever to the harm that they will do to 17,000 passers when they fallaciously asked for retake. Retake is needed only if the extent of leakage is so widespread that the remaining valid questions are not enough to salvage the validity of the entire exam--which is not the case in the 2006 exam. They attacked PRC (for alleged undue haste in releasing the results of the exam, etc.), but what PRC did should not be taken against the passers. If a retake is not warranted, what PRC did does not change that fact, and the 17,000 passers should not be made to suffer for PRC's acts. In the first place, despite its possible faults, PRC's NO RETAKE stance is right under the circumstances.

Kung sino lang ang "UMUTOT" siya lang ang dakmain at hilalahin...

Huwag nyo naman sabihin na lahat umutot???

kaya ganoon lang kung sino ang nag-cheat siyang managot. Kung paano hahanapin bahala na sila doon

1. please wag na isama dito ang pag-"sour grape" umano ng UST College of Nursing dito. so ano ngayun kung bumaba ang rating, mataas pa rin naman ito compared sa performance ng ibang schools. Thomasian nurses are still Thomasian nurses, kahit na anong baba ang rating na makuha ng college of nursing. masakit nung una, nung nalaman namin na marami ang hindi nakapasa. pero iba na ang usapan dito. INTEGRITY ng nursing profession. ung mga nakaraan board exams, pati na yang june 2006 exam, wala na kaming magagawa jan. nangyari na eh. all we can do is to make sure that it will not happen again. the present and the future state of the nursing profession ang nakasalalay dito. MAG-ISIP. look at the big picture? reality check, you're just a tiny part of the big big picture.

2. hindi kami pinipilit ng professors namin na maging pro-retake. at wala pong kapalit na grade ang pagsupport namin sa cause ng college namin. WALA NA BA KAMING KARAPATAN NA MAGDESISYON PARA SA SARILI NAMIN? grabe naman. kung sa UST ka nagaral, maiintindihan mo ang pinaglalaban namin dito. kaya please lang, pakilawakan ng pagiisip. ung mga graduates ng ust na nagoath taking, hindi sila kno-condemn ng college namin. naiintindihan namin sila. the faculty never forced the students to do some thing against their will.

the undergraduates who are supporting the faculty's cause, we KNOW what we are doing/saying. alam namin ang issue na yan. believe it or not, we understand the pains of those innocents na nadamay sa leakage issue na to.

3. so matagal na pala ang leakages sa board exam. tradition na nga daw EH.

so ano? hahayaan nyo na lang?

ganun ba un. because everyone is doing it, hahayaan na lang natin?

anong klaseng reasoning yan.

4. pride? syempre may pride kami as thomasian nurses. like i said, a thomasian nurse will always be a thomasian nurse. kahit na anong gawin nyo jan, hindi na maalis ang magandang reputation ng UST college of nursing.

but please take note of this, a wise professor once told me, "it is not the name of UST or any other school that will get you a job. it's your competence as a nurse."

sabi nyo, ang board exam ay hindi lang ang sukatan ng competence ng isang nurse. may nclex pa naman di ba.

tanong: eh baket pa ba may board exam in the first place kung hindi naman nito masisigurado na competent ang mga nakakapasa nito? ano pa ang magiging purpose nito? for formality? hay.

5. let's make this clear. victims = board examinees; culprits = PRC and BON. a few days after the board exam, the faculty got hold of the evidence of the leakage. they surrendered it to NBI and PRC. reaction of PRC? NONE. still they want to announce the board passers. a few weeks after that, the existance of the leakage was known thru various forms of media. reaction of PRC? THEY DENIED IT. they gave out the list of the board passers.

hindi namin ginusto na umabot ng ganito. the faculty tried its best to prevent something like this from happening. pero anong ginawa ng PRC and BON? if they did their jobs in the first place, hindi sana ganto ang nangyari. you want to blame the UST college of nursing for taking actions against the leakage, for trying to protect the integrity and dignity of the profession you all love? FINE. pero isipin nyo, san ba nagsimula lahat to.

hindi talaga maiwasan, na ang profession that is supposed to take care of a human life, inaabuso ng mga tao na ang gusto lang ay kumita ng pera. BUHAY NG TAO is not equal to MONEY.

disclaimer: this is only an opinion of a thomasian student nurse who can't stay quiet while some people are trying to degrade the name of the UST college of nursing. and i know this for a fact: no matter what other people say against UST.. it will never have an effect on the reputation and dignity of our school so we have no reason to be worried. PERO AKO, SARILI KO HINDI KO KAYANG MAKITA NA KUNG ANO ANONG SINASABI NYO ABOUT UST.

we're fighting for a just cause. and kahit na idiscriminate ang graduates namin sa PRC office, kahit na sobrang pambabastos na ang ginagawa ng ibang tao sa mga professors namin (death threats pa un iba), it's okay. the people who stood up first against something that's wrong (but obviously, in this case socially accepted) will always be misunderstood.

isipin nyo ang future ng nursing profession ng bansa natin. hindi ang sarili nyo.

If they are after, or really wanted dignity, integrity, quality, honor and good reputation...Dapat lahat ng Nurses at iyong mga complaining Deans and Teacher or similar and related profession, mag-retake rin sila para ipakita nila na kaya nilang gawin ang gusto nilang mangyari kasi alam namin na ang mga bagay na ito ay noon pa nangyayari at sila mismo ay meron rin bahid ng mga anomalya at hindi lang limited sa batch 2006 ito na ginagawa lang nilang panakip butas para lang mapagtakpan nila ang kanilang mga dungis sa kanilang mga mukha. Kung magsipagsalit sila ay parang napakadaling gawin ang retake samantalang sila mismo ay hindi kayang gawin ang ganito na gusto nilang manyari at dapat manguna sila sa "Retake"!!!!!!

i am against a retake, papayag lang ako mag retake if lahat ng professional nurses (i mean lahat! pati ung mga naunang nakapasa kahit noon pa) ay uulit din kasama natin, i dont believe sa ipinaglalaban nilang integrity ng nursing profession, sinungaling naman sila pag cnabi nilang walang leakage noong kapanahunan nila, hay naku, if i were them di na ako dadagdag pa sa gulo at antayin nalng ang desisyon ng NBI.

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