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442 nursing deans fight Malacañang over board retake

442 nursing deans fight Malacañang over board retake

Deans of the country's 442 nursing colleges have taken a stubborn stand against the pronouncement of Malacañang favoring the nursing board examinations retake.

Bohol president of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) Francisca Baluyot said the strong opposition mounted by the deans alone should cause Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to reconsider the Palace's decision.

PNA-Bohol has a separate formal position made clear in its recent resolution against the retaking of at least tests III and V of the leakage-scandalized board examinations for nursing in June.

“There have been no stringent policies governing the supposed areas for re-examinations,” Baluyot told the Chronicle.

She sought the intervention of Gov. Erico Aumentado, whose presidency of the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) may influence Malacañang.

Baluyot said Aumentado, also the head of the provincial governors, had assured her of relaying to Arroyo the organized dissension to the retake.

The retake could withhold, as a consequence, the professional licenses of the over 17,000 June nursing examination passers.

Baluyot said both the PNA and nursing schools have demanded the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to release the licenses.

The government can later revoke the licenses of the passers may be found involved in and guilty of the leakage, Baluyot said.

Baluyot prayed that ULAP, through Aumentado, can force the government to side with the nursing school deans, PNA and the examinees themselves who had honestly labored to pass the board examinations.

The no-to-retake advocates are checking reports that certain powerful members of the Philippine Nurses Association in America (PNAA) prodded Arroyo to favor re-examinations allegedly “because the United States will not accept nurses who cannot undergo retest.”
Baluyot said these PNAA people do not own hospitals or nursing homes in the US.
They prejudice the successful Philippine nursing examinees who are now prepared to take the test given by the US National Council for Licensure Examinations (NCLEX), Baluyot said.
She maintained that while the retake “will punish the innocent for the guilty, it can't erase notoriety either.”

Meanwhile, a daughter of Baluyot who is a US hospital director reported an unprecedented decline of Filipino nursing applicants during the jobs fair in New York the other day.
This caused the US employers to ask where are the Filipino nurses, known worldwide as extra-caring indefatigable workers. (VCA)


Dear Rothel,

Thank you for furnishing me a copy of your communication to the President.

I say "Amen!" to most most of the points you raised. You have a lot of gray matter between your ears. I'm sure you passed the June exam legitimately. Although you are against retake, you feel righteous indignation at the cheating and do not condone it. I find your piece very interesting that in spite of my hectic schedule, I am finding time to react.

You are absolutely right: If GMA is voiding the result of Tests II and V because of the cheating, so too must the result of the 2004 presidential elections be voided. There was cheating. Everyone-especially GMA- knows this. She was the mastermind. She was the beneficiary. If this government has a policy against cheating, it must not be selectively applied.

I commiserate with all the innocent examinees who must now retake portions of the board exam. Since the beginning, it has always been my position that it is grave injustice to require the examinees to retake. You are right - why should the innocent be punished?

It might interest you to know that my husband, Leandro B. Yañgot, Jr. was the leader of the group of seven examinees who, in 2003, filed a petition before the Supreme Court to nullify the result of the Mercantile Law exam. I helped them craft their petition which was granted. I also helped them craft their motion asking the SC not to re-administer the nullified exam. Again, their motion was granted. Their arguments are the same if not identical to the arguments of the "no-retake of the the nursing exam" group. If you want confirmation, surf the net.

Before his decision to file that petition in 2003, I was always a fan of my husband. But this must have been, in large part, because I was always sooooo in love with him. (Permit me this too personal statement.) When he filed that petition, I admired him more - this time not as a man I was in love with but as a human being who chose to stand his ground on the trajectory of righteousness. His was a principled posture. That is why I admire Renato Aquino and the others who are passionately pursuing the cause of the no-retake group. I heard their arguments. They are valid.

You might now be wondering why I am acting as legal counsel for the group that filed the second petition before the CA. In that petition, we are asking the court to order PRC to re-administer Tests III an V. Am I being inconsistent? No, Rothel, I am not.

Rothel, it is my view that there is a fine distinction between the leakage in the bar exam and that in the nursing exam. When my husband and his 6 friends instituted the petition before the SC in 2003, the court acted expeditiously. It immediately demonstrated its condemnation of the cheating by nullifying, in a matter of days upon receipt of the petition, the affected exam. The SC's swift action prevented the decimation of the integrity of the legal profession and the credibility of bar examination. The nursing case is different. The PRC continued to deny the leakage notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence in its possession. After it received the formal complaint of the Baguio Braves, it dilly-dallied. I know this. I am a witness to how the PRC tried to whitewash the case. The PRC's mishandling of the leakage issue did more damage to the credibility of the exam than the leakage did.

My point, Rothel, is the credibility of the 2003 bar exam was salvaged by the judicious and hasty action of the SC which, by the way, administers the bar exams as the PRC administers professional exams. But the credibility of the June 2006 nursing licensure exam has been completely demolished because of the mismanagement by PRC. People have faith in the competence of the 2003 bar exam passers because they passed a credible exam. But people- at least, many of them anyway, do not have faith -wrongly or rightly- in the competence of the June nursing board exam passers because they passed a test that lost all trace of integrity.

Rothel, it is unfair, very so unfair, to ask the innocent to retake. When the no-retake group succeeds in preventing such a scenario, they will be sparing the innocent the burden of having to spend for their review and the stress of having to hurdle an exam. But these innocent examinees will face the prospect of being turned away by employers and of having their capability questioned by the health service consuming public. I think I am not imagining this. I have been fed enough facts to know that the stigma is real. It is not deserved, but it is real.

I am firmly convinced that it is more unfair not to ask the innocent to retake. When they do retake, they will lose money, time and effort. They will be subjected to stress. But they will be granted the only recourse to obliterate questions on their competence. They will be recapturing the glory of the nursing profession. And God willing, they will not be turned away by employers. If turned away, it would be for a reason other than doubt on their competence.

Should you find yourself lost in Baguio City, please get in touch with me. I would love to drink tea with you. Just look up the telephone directory. Maybe we can swap thoughts on issues other than the nursing exam leakage. I'd love to discuss the Garci nungaling telephone call and why I believe that the proposed charter change should be stopped. Maybe, we can also talk about the deteriorating quality of nursing education (which created the demand for the likes of Gapuz and Cordero), the inanity of the idea of putting PRC under DOLE, the bankruptcy of wisdom in the EO making CHED in charge of regulating the review schools (when it cannot be effective in its primary mandate of regulating and monitoring
colleges and universities), globalization, liberalization, privatization and free trade. Madami iyan - all interesting topics.

See you soon.

Cheryl L. Daytec-Yañgot

I like your piece so much that I am sending it as well as my reaction to people who may not agree to your anti-retake position but will understand you and appreciate your thoughts. I hope you do.

ano ba itong si 'YANGOT' naging VIRUS na??? e lahat ng comment portion andun e-mail nya... na puros pagbubuhat ng bangko ang laman... saksakan ng hangin... matindi pa sa bagyong si milenyo!

Ms. Yangot:

with your stand to retake, will you not only be punishing those innocent passers and those who failed more?

if those who failed in tests 1, 2 & 4 (whose grades were 60% and below) will be ordered to retake tests 3 & 5, definitely they will have no chance to pass the retake!

ms. yangot, the solution to this mess is not to retake or no retake but to cleanse our system with corruption, greed of power & money & most especially charge, put behind bars the criminals who are the root causes of this mess!

since these greedy, corrupt criminals are still scot-free, no clean tests will ever take place. not even the so-called integrity will be regain.

from a mother of a boardpasser in dagupan city

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