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Gordon blames Arroyo flip-flopping on poor legal advice

Gordon blames Arroyo flip-flopping on poor legal advice

By Juliet Labog-JavellanaInquirerLast updated 07:21pm (Mla time) 10/05/2006

SENATOR Richard Gordon said President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s flip-flopping on the issue of a retake of the June 2006 nursing licensure examination was due to “poor legal advice'' from her officials.

“It's cha-cha, atras-abante (forward-backward steps of the dance). It doesn't give the administration high ratings in terms of judgment,'' Gordon said of Malacañang's confusing position on whether or not a retake would be required.

Gordon, who asked for a Senate investigation into the leakage that attended the nursing licensure exams, reiterated his call for the resignation of Professional Regulation Commission Chair Leonor Tripon-Rosero to end the controversy.

“I don't see why the President can't fire Rosero. But if I were Rosero, I will resign because she has already done so much damage,” Gordon said.
Gordon said Rosero compounded the problem when she pre-empted the National Bureau of Investigation probe into the leakage by administering the oath to the examinees and announcing there would be no retake of the exam.

Senator Rodolfo Biazon said nobody should be surprised anymore about Malacañang's flip-flopping.
“This issue is being considered from a political point of view and not through thorough study of the issues,” said Biazon, chairman of the Senate civil service committee investigating the leakage.
Gordon and Biazon said the prudent thing for Malacañang to do is to wait for the CA and abide by its decision.

“Otherwise if the decision of the court runs counter to the decision of the executive, what would happen? We will have another situation like the Ombudsman against the Supreme Court,” Biazon said.
Biazon was referring to the Ombudsman's recent decision exonerating officials of the Commission on Elections from the P1.3 billion poll automation deal which the high court had nullified.

Ok na sana banat ni Gordon kaso tinira mo na naman si Rosero.

Why can't those persecuting Rosero see that she was right in the first place?

It's her obligation to protect the rights of the innocent professionals under her office until they are proven guilty.

If all you detractors can just open your eyes wide to the situation, without bias & hidden agendas, then you can clearly see & appreciate what the good Ms. Rosero has done.

Not any of you officials ever tried to hear clearly & process in your heads the position of the innocent passers.

You keep saying PRC hastily processed the passing & oathtaking of this batch when all the while you Mr. Gordon & your co-officials & all the media HASTILY shouted for a RETAKE without any factual investigtion of the matter.

So don't try to come out clean you stupid fool!

try to read and understand what the previous fella said about the retake. it makes a lot of sense and it shows that he is intelligent

e bigyan ka ba naman ng 'ONE SIDED PRESENTATION' ni Dante Ang during the cabinet meeting (minus PRC, minus reps from test takers, etc.), di ka ba malito nun????... ayan tuloy sobrang binagyo ang Manila! dahil pati si Lord naasar sa pagka- DOUBLE MINDED NI PGMA!!!

Rosero was not right in the first place. It is not her duty to protect professionals (as in individuals, as you claim), it is her duty to protect the PROFESSION and the SECURITY of the exams.

The mere fact that she has lots of detractors tells you that something is wrong.

Same argument, why hastly process the result and the oathtaking if the PRC themselves admitted that they cannot establish the extent of the cheating.

FYI, there was a senate investigation, so may facts! Look whos talking you f#%l

Mabuti pa ang TOOTH may WIsdom, rosero? EWAN.

Bakit nka focus lang s manila and bagio? TO ALL PASSERS: tanong lang, "Pag ikaw ba ang may ari ng review center, lets say Gapuz review center, hahayaan mo b na sa manila at bagio lang ang maraming pumasa?" Alin ang pagpipilian mo, 'yung sigurado ka sa questions na lalabas o yng wala kang alam sa mga tanong ng BON? Simpleng tanong lang yan pero kung ikaw ang may ari ng review center, kalokohan nalang yun kung di mo ibibigay sa mga students mo ang leakage....

Sino ba ang under sa profession? Di ba yung professionals? Eh si GMA nga nilagay ang PRC sa DOLE, wherein "L" stands for Labor. Baka laborer ka Mr. TOOTH? Kami Professional. Me nag question ba na senator including Gordon sa move na yon ni GMA? Sino ngayon ang walang sense?

MR. TOOTH, isa ka sa hindi makaintindi. Tama ka meron senate investigation, pero hindi pa nagsisimula, hanggang magsimula at hindi matapos, RETAKE na stand ni GORDON. Tama ako di ba? SO me facts ba siya umpisa pa lang? Wala di ba?

MR TOOTH, use your head & answer this ha?

One point to consider, if we passed test 3 using only the 80 questions (kasi nga tinagal sa test 3 yung 20 leaked questions), do we have to repeat test 3?

Common sense lang yan baka di mo pa masagot..

Kasi kung isa isahin ko pa sayo yan lahat, eh bumalik ka na lang grade school, baka me pagasa ka pa.

Why hastily process the oathtaking? - Pagisipan mo mabuti yanf tanong mo para maintindihan mo.

Regarding sa extent ng leakage:

Mahirap talag ma-determine yan. Anyway, yung ke GAPUZ, di ako maka comment kasi hindi ako GAPUZ at self review lang naman majority ng students (I'm assuming).

Pwede rin daw pinasa ng student from GAPUZ ang leakage to another student not from GAPUZ.

So in short, ang point nila, pwedeng parang networking ang nangyari sa leakage.

(My personal experience)

1) There's no one that I know of, out of the hundreds of my schoolmates that had any leakage. (siguradong kahit isa me maririnig ka kung meron)

2) The last few days before the exam, I & my friends had this feeling na parang hindi namin matapos i-cover lahat ng subjects to review. We have reviewers of past board exams, schools exams & review center exams.

So hypothetically, if I were given a 500 item questionaire or (2) 500 item questionaire the day before the exams (where the total 110 leaked questions came from), kaya mo pa ba i-review yon? Hindi ko na nga matapos yung hawak ko na reviewers eh, pano pa sila? Di naman sila sigurado kung ano dun sa 500 o 1000 item na yon ang lalabas at di mo din alam kung tama ang mga sagot nun. Mag research ka pa ba ng sagot before the exams?(I assume it's (2) 500 item questionaire since two BON manuscripts daw ang lumabas).

3) I have a friend in GAPUZ Manila, bumagsak at sabi wala talaga, wala ako friend sa INRESS so I can't speak for them.

4) Ang Pentagon, sure ako na wala, kasi Pentagon kami eh. Of my friends, me bumagsak din pero pareho naman kami ng reviewers. Kung pwede lang ma retrieve mga text messages namin among friends, makikita mo na malungkot kami lahat especially test 3. Pero test 5, happy kami kasi naman madali talaga, not because me leakage kami. I'm sure kahit sa mga bumagsak, marami ang magsasabi na madali ang test 5. So in my opinion, me leakge man sila sa test 5, balewala din.

I do believe na me leakage based on the evidence presented. But any evidence after the first week, pwede nang fabricated ng Pro-Retake group.

I do not believe on a RETAKE based on their integrity & reputation. To sacrifice one's rights for the benefit of the country is a matter of individual choice; it cannot be forced by anyone.

Integrity & Reputation of the profession would be restored once the guilty is punished & once the likes of Dante Ang & UP Dean discriminating the passers, would instead defend them on why their licenses are valid.

If it comes to a point wherein a RETAKE was decided, I believe that those who passed test 3 should only retake test 5.

Finally, since time immemorial, it has been a general rule worldwide that Justice must prevail. To sacrifice even just one innocent person, especially out of speculation & hearsay cannot be tolerated.

The truth shall set us free.

Kung hindi kay Rosero, hindi malalaman kung sino ang passer;

at kung hindi alam kung sino ang passer, it would have been presumptous for anyone to claim rights of a passer--it's a shame if one would oppose retake and it would turn out later he is a flunker;

therefore there would have been no pending case in the Court of Appeals right now because the contending parties would be in the dark as to who are passers and flunkers--if they are flunkers they have no right to oppose retake;

thus, Dante Ang could have very well succeeded on his espoused retake whether he is right or wrong--and the sad thing is he is wrong!

Because of PRC's release of exam result, the situation changed in favor of the known passers. Now, they are sure they have rights, and that cannot be unilaterally taken away from them. Now, they can fight all the way up to the Supreme Court--to the horror of Dante Ang and his ilk.

Understand now why retake advocates galit ke Rosero???

You think June 2006 NLE Passers are Lucky?....

I'm glad PRC released the results... Because the moment they did that they gave me the right to fight for the effort I put into taking the exam.

I am a single parent.I still live with my parents. Although my kid has a yaya he'd prefer I do stuff for him... or else all hell would break loose... Added stress...

Anyway...Imagine waking up at 1am in the morning to study and steal a lil sleep if I get sleepy...But I must have my bath around 5am... Around 6am I wake up my kid and help him prepare for preschool... When his carpool picks him up around 7am I get dressed for the review and leave around 7:15am so I can make the 8am review... When I get home in the afternoon around 1pm I take a nap with my kid but I try to wake earlier than him so I can study. If the review sked takes till 5pm I am bummed...I help my son with his homework... When that's done... I clean up a little and do my mama duties (bath my son, fix his dinner..etc)... I get him to bed around 7:30... I study with my stomach to the bed and an emergency lamp that serves as my study lamp and my son's night light till 10pm... I did that for 3 months... Then summer came so that was better coz there was no homework for my kid and he had to sacrifice summer activites coz I won't be able to get him there and take him home...The exam is quite expensive too.

But then the exams came a week after my son's classes started but I had to make do with that... his homework and my review...

If anything I wasn't lucky during the exams. My uniform was tight to say the least...Chocolates have always been my brain food since grade school... I had to sacrifice having a new one made to pay for my son's downpayment in school. I sat near the door of our testing room. Proctors and NBI agents passed right in front of me knocking off my water bottle at times... So I had to get up and chase it... My proctor even borrowed my extra pen and pencil in the middle of the exam.

That's about it... Now tell me I'm a lucky nurse. Tell me I'm a cheat. Tell me I need to retake the exams...

And tell me what to tell my kid every time he sees me bent over the same books again and asks..... " Mama when you telled me you pass the nursing board exams? (wrong grammar kasi preschool pero sa kakapray na memorize ang *nursing board exams*) Were you joking?"....

All i know that after test 3 almost all if not all of the examinee that i met were in doubt that they could pass the board, all of us went to fort pilar here in zamboanga city to ask for whatever help they we could receive...nobody could be certain, from the average and the intelligent examinee, that is he or she could not be certain they really pass the exam, everyone felt things were up in the air...rosero, played a very dirty trick on us all...she followed what I suspect one of the SOP of the PRC, to announce the result of the board exam @ the passer and whose who failed... to be able to cover up the leakage...what was she up to then...she had admitted to the leakage or's also impossible for her not to have any hint about the leakage, how could she be the head of PRC and not know about the leakag. To all passer, i ask you, where you really certain that you pass the board exam after taking it... i had three classmate who are good in class and had their review from gapuz, they have admitted to receiving the leakage, and the three of them are in awe why they all failed... how did the 3 of them failed. guys i understand how lucky or blessed you feels for reaping the fruit of all the sacrifices and hardship that you have all indure to be able to pass the board....but honestly do you believe beyond reasonable doubt that the results were not tempered or manipulated, or that you are just lucky that by change a lot of you are just lucky that you were included in the passer's list....can you just carry it with your conscience that you have your license, but yet their is still that doubt, that you really did pass the exam fair and square....

I have absolutely no doubt I passed it fair & square, not alone by myself but with God's grace of course...

I am nothing without HIM even if I had the whole test papers leaked to me. GOD knows whom to pass & whom to fail. Maybe now you know why most of those who got the leak failed..

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