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MANILA, OCTOBER 2, 2006 (STAR) By pushing for a retake of the June 2006 nursing board examinations despite petitions on the matter still pending before the Court of Appeals, Malacañang is showing again it is putting itself above the judiciary, said an opposition lawmaker.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson raised this issue Monday even as many residents of Bohol province, whose relatives took last June’s board examinations, questioned what they believe to be a double standard in the retake.

“The Court of Appeals has not issued any decision on the matter, yet Malacañang already made a decision. Why is it preempting the judiciary? Does it feel it is above a co-equal branch of government?” Lacson said.

He said that at the very least, Malacañang should have been “more discerning” and deferential to the court, instead of making such an announcement that many feel was “too sudden.”

Lacson, who spoke before a youth convention in Bohol Sunday, also said many residents approached him and complained that retaking the examination will mean not only added expenses in going back to Manila, but also a “presumption of guilt.”

“There should be a presumption of innocence. Yet, those who passed the examinations feel they are being treated as if they were guilty. Many of them were even saying, what about Mrs. Arroyo? Should there not be a ‘retake’ of the 2004 elections?” he said.

On the other hand, he said many Boholanos are dismayed over the prospect of having to retake the examinations even if the government were to spend P52 million for it. “They are crying foul because even if they did not cheat, they will be made to spend anew for the ship fare to Manila, the review, and board and lodging and other expenses,” he said.

At the youth convention in Bohol, Lacson urged the country’s future leaders to develop and cherish principles and moral courage, and do what is right as part of “positive activism.”

“Some rules have to be permanent and we call them principles. Without principles, perks and privileges soon enough become the devil’s sanctuary ... Our first preference then – perhaps our first loyalty – should be to our principles and to all the people to whom we are responsible. Without this preferential loyalty we all become useless,” he said.

Nursing exam controversy: Osmeña to shoulder expenses for retake The Freeman 09/30/2006

Amid protests of a retake of the controversial nursing licensure examination, Mayor Tomas Osmeña assured that the city government will spend P5,000 for every examinee who is a registered voter in the city should a retake push through.

During a protest rally held at Fuente Osmeña yesterday, Osmeña said the amount would be taken from the city's calamity fund.

More than 500 nursing board passers gathered at Fuente Osmeña to express their opposition to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's decision of a retake of the examination.

The mayor also announced that the city would pay for the lawyer's services in case the board passers would need legal assistance.

However, the board passers and their parents seemed unhappy of the mayor's announcement, saying that their sacrifices and agony in taking the exam will never be paid by any amount.

"That's very unfair, why would we take the exam again when we did not even cheat. Our agony pain, physical, emotional and mental stress will never be paid by any amount. We took this exam with much honesty. I hope somehow God will enlighten you Madame President," said Abby Matiga, one of the board passers.

Matiga's mother, Jane, who is also a registered nurse, said it is very unfair if her daughter and other board passers in the Visayas and Mindanao would have to retake the examination because there was no leakage in these areas.

"We supported you Madame President we voted for you in the last election. Cebu has always been good to you. Then why involve us to something that we are innocent of?" Matiga asked.

"Since there was cheating of the last presidential elections, even though I'm sure both sides are guilty of it, should we call for another election to restore the integrity of the presidency? (The) same holds true for all the senators and other elective officials of the land so that we can restore the integrity of their respective offices? What is food for the goose is food for the gander. This is a point to ponder for those who are advocating for a retake. What if another leakage will happen, should we punish the innocent?" one of the parents also said.

The President has earlier clarified that only Tests 3 and 5, which are the portions covered by the leakage, of the board examination will be retaken.

The retake of the two parts will be held before the other nursing examination in December and Arroyo said the government would subsidize the cost of the retake. - Jasmin R. Uy/LPM



wag mo kaming lokohin GMA, magre-election nalang din..kung gusto mo ibalik integrity ng pilipinas specifically nursing, SIMULAN MO SA SARILI MO!!!!!!!

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