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Palace to head off CA ruling on nurse exams retake

Palace to head off CA ruling on nurse exams retake


Malacañang will preempt the ruling of the Court of Appeals (CA) regarding the proposed retake on the 2006 nursing examination by issuing an Executive Order (EO) this week regarding the said controversy.

This was revealed yesterday by Executive Secretary in a chance interview at the Palace where he said that the EO will be released either today or tomorrow and they will invite Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Arturo Brion to explain its content to the media.

Ermita said the EO will bare the official stand of the national government on the controversy, whether they would favor a retake or not of the nursing exam.

The EO will also content directives to concern agencies on how to handle any retake’ procedure and will enlighten its conflict to a pending case before the CA.

“The spirit is whether what are the rationale for the decision to have the retake. You will see what will be the basis of the President’s decision, if the government favors a retake or not. The EO will also bare who should be covered by the retake, if there is any and what would be its effect to the pending case in the CA,” Ermita said.

Ermita said the decision to issue an EO was made after Sec. Brion consulted the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), Board of Nurses and other stakeholders on the issue.

Asked why an EO is needed, Ermita said, “Because it will have a stronger effect on the subject, many are affected. We have 42,000 who took the exam, we have 7,300 who passed and it also has an effect to the licensure examinations. We have to do something to protect the reputation of Filipino professionals here and abroad.”

Meanwhile, in a separate chance interview, Mrs. Arroyo assured that there will be a retake on the 2006 nursing examination and it will covered the test 3 and 5 where the alleged leakage took place.

She, however, refused to give other details because of the pending case before the CA.

Sherwin C. Olaes


7300 passed?!! huh?! isnt it 17k++..? man, check your news. misleading na

Mainam yan, para kung hindi mag-decide agad ang CA ay direct na lang sa Supreme Court ang passers. Sa Supreme Court na lang i-question yung EO, tulad ng ginawa sa EO na nagbawal sa pag-attend ng cabinet members, etc. sa Senate hearing.

Ibig sabihin, hindi absolute ang power ng Presidente sa EO. It can be nullified by the Supreme Court--kaya balik sa square one lang yan, Court pa rin ang magde-decide.


Same is true with the PRC. Their power is not absolute, to nullify and to use a statistical formula for recompute the grades!! That is why the CA grantde the TRO! Same logic.

ENGOT! CA granted TRO coz UST complained about the Statistical computation done by PRC coz they can't accept that a lot of their students failed NLE 06!!! there's a complaint from UST's camp & being the judicial body they want due process to happen... sadly at the expense of all JUNE 2006 board passers! that's why we should be running after tadle & angelo brant throat... but justice will be serve soon one way or another...


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