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Palace set to issue EO on nursing test retake

Palace set to issue EO on nursing test retake

MALACAÑANG yesterday said President Arroyo is reviewing a draft executive order on the retake of the nursing licensure exams which will serve as the standard in other professional examinations.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the executive order is expected to be issued on Wednesday at the latest.

Ermita said the EO is needed to have a "stronger effect on the subjects because there are so many affected" and "it has an effect on other licensure exams." He said the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) is conducting 72 examinations for 43 professionals.

"Ang policy sa nurses’ licensure exams would somehow become standard with the other professions because one big labor market is the exportation of our professionals. So it won’t ruin our reputation in the world," he said.

He said Labor Secretary Arturo Brion met with the PRC, board of nurses, and other stakeholders, including the deans of nursing schools, from Wednesday to Saturday before coming out with the draft EO.

"What is important is the basis of the decision to have a retake or not, who will retake, which portion of the exams, the relation of the test to the test to be given in December – all of that have a bearing on the EO and what is its bearing on the Court of Appeals case," he said.

Arroyo reiterated that the retake would involve only Tests 3 and 5. She said last week that government will subsidize the exams by some P5 million "to lighten the burden" of the examinees.

Presidential chief of staff Michael Defensor said because of the pending case in CA, which questions the oath-taking of those who passed the exams, the NBI has time to conduct a more thorough investigation. He said the CA would need the results of the NBI investigation.

National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) president Marco delos Reyes meantime said yesterday that it is not a retake but the prosecution of those who connived to leak the test questions to selected examinees, and basic reforms in nursing education that are needed to restore the dignity of the Philippine nursing profession.

He said a retake "unreasonably and untenably penalizes the victim, and implicitly exonerates the culprit." – Regina Bengco and Reinir C. Padua


He said a retake "unreasonably and untenably penalizes the victim, and implicitly exonerates the culprit." – Regina Bengco and Reinir C. Padua

correct! the JUNE 2006 ARE ALL VICTIMS & PAWN... in the first place, this cheating wouldn't have happened if the government did it's job to clean up & uphold the nursing educ system from the start.... BON, PRC, CHED...the likes of dean tuazon, who should be protecting the integrity of the licensure but instead delivered a "NON-SENSE BLABBER" in the international market discreting 2006 nursing batch... & DANTE ANG (the cockcroach in disguise)... all these people are HYPOCRITES AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!!

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