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Nursing exam scandal: More leakage witnesses surface; Solons lament muddling of controversy

Nursing exam scandal: More leakage witnesses surface; Solons lament muddling of controversy


The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) bared yesterday that the submission to President Arroyo of the investigation report of the June 11 and 12, 2006 Board of Nursing examinations leakage will be delayed for few more days as more witnesses have surfaced to testify.

This developed as administration lawmakers condemned efforts to muddle the nursing exam issue in light of unsubstantiated and irresponsible allegations that the leakage was massive.

Representatives Joel Mayo Almario (Lakas, Davao Oriental), chairman of the House Committee on Games and Amusements, and Douglas Cagas (NPC, Davao del Sur), House contingent head to the Electoral Tribunal, said muddling the nursing exam leakage issue will not help resolve it and would only agitate the stakeholders and their families.

Regional Director Elfren Meneses, chief of Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (AFCCD), said more witnesses surfaced to give statements that would prove that the leakage was not only limited in Luzon but also in Mindanao and Visayas regions, including Davao and Tacloban.

''We have to get their sworn-in statements that would form part of the pieces of evidence against those persons criminally responsible for the leakage,'' said Meneses, adding that the bureau has already requested the President to give it until Friday or Sunday to submit the investigation report.

Meneses said the bureau would expand the probe against those who benefited from the leakage, including review centers and students. ''We will spare no one. Our focus is to determine who benefited from the leakage. With our technology, it was indeed possible that the leakage will spread nationwide,'' said Meneses.

Almario and Cagas agreed that government needs to ensure full cooperation from all the stakeholders and urged these stakeholders to support the final decision of Malacañang because it is meant to protect the whole nursing profession.

Almario called for calm and sobriety among the nursing graduates and their families in light of the Palace's decision to wait for the National Bureau of Investigation's final report on its probe and amid new allegations that the leak was everywhere. (With Ashley C. Velasco-trainee)

Yes, technology is very high! But the volume of "supposed to be" top rated review materials going around are also enormous making it impossible for an examinee to even entertain the idea of studying additional materials.

For the tons of questionaires that each examinee are holding during before the exams, I don't think you can still study a few thousand more the day before the exams.

It's like a chain letter, most people just don't bother to read it anymore.

NBI should consider the very high possibility of FABRICATION. Why? Because it is of malicious intent to bring about such evidences at this late a date just to counter the possibility of losing the RETAKE stand from the CA.

We can't believe what everybody says. We call that "hearsays" & surely, the law can't base decisions on such "allegations".

Those student supposed to have new evidences have nothing to lose but everything to gain. They did not pass the said NLE. There's a motive already.

Can't the NBI, the public & the goverment see the picture? All the witnesses are "Flunkers" of the recent NLE.

Are they credible witnesses?

If they possessed, saw & heard the said leakages, WHY DID THEY FAIL?

There are only three answers to that.

First, they are so stupid that given the answers to such exams, they'd still fail.

Second, maybe their allegations are not true at all.

Third, If it was indeed true that there was leakage & that they are not that stupid, then it only means that the said leakage were not substantial enough to affect & invalidate the said exams.

Think people, THINK!


Are the five new witnesses on leakage in tests 1 and 2 flunkers? The Phil. Daily Inquirer headlined two days in a row the wider extent of leakage based on the affidavits of the five new witnesses, but it did not have the common sense of reporting whether they are passers or flunkers--and whether passers or flunkers, what are their grades (already released by PRC) in the subjects with supposed leakage--a case of LOUSY reporting by a newspaper that professes and trumpets BALANCED REPORTING.

If there are flunkers among the five new witnesses, then they are the best evidence that the 17,000 passers passed not because of leakage but because of their own competence--because the leakage did not make them pass!

What's more, are the retake proponents, like Dr. Dante Ang and bar topnotcher Sec. Brion, so harebrained on matters outside their profession that they would insist on the retake of 100 questions instead of 20 questions only corresponding to the leaked questions?

In the first place, instead of 20 leaked questions destroying test 3, remaining 80 clean questions in it should uphold its validity--this is simple logic and common sense.

Anonymous said...
Mga kasama, nakuha ko ito sa ABS-CBN Forum. Maramin ang pro-retake doon. Di gaya dito, iilang tao lang nagpopost na anti-retake at parang maramin sila.


This is good for humor DH but seriously, the cabinet used a simple Cost Benefit Analysis and had a look at statistics to justify the retake. This is how it probably went:

What is at stake here? The reputation and integrity of around 137,000 Filipino health care workers deployed worldwide, mostly in the middle east, north America, Europe (specially UK), Netherlands, high income asia, and future japan. These nurses remit an average of $ 2.2 Billion US Dollars per annum.

How much will is cost to fund the retake of 17,821 nurses? Inclusive of logistics, lunch and some pocket money to take home? Less than $ 2 Million US Dollars. That’s quite cheap isn’t it?

What can we further gain with a retake? The continued outflow of approximately 13,000 nurses per annum, in addition to the 137,000 who will get to keep their jobs after a retake. The Philippines will continue to enjoy an inflow of over 2$ Billion US Dollars, which is also increasing by approximately $200,000 Million US dollars per annum, at an accelerating rate. Most priceless of all is the peace of mind that Filipinos will continue to be the most trusted race to fill in the ever increasing demand of registered nurses in the future.

Considering these figures, seems like a retake is not such a bad deal for the Philippines after all?
I therefore propose that we change the title of this forum to "LET'S DO A RETAKE!!! - JUSTICE FOR ALL"""

4:30 PM

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