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Pinoy BSN Forum NOW UP!

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Pinoy BSN Forum now up and running. It's purpose is to help students and serve as a place for free exchange of ideas and information. I sense the need for a filipino nursing forum. The current popular nursing forum for filipinos are foreign owned and is overly moderated, such place will prevent information to flourish.

PBSNFORUM.CO.NR Will maintain a minimum set of rules and moderations that will make the forum appropriate and enjoyable for everyone while still maintaining and respecting the freedom of expression. We must observe a balance between freedom and responsiblity. If this is achieved, The community will not only thrive but each and everyone will be a source of inspiration to power the community to make a difference and to help each other.

The mission of the forum is simply, to HELP : By providing means wherein free exchange of information and ideas come together towards the betterment of the profession.

Our vision is simply to be the leading and largest forum that will serve the needs of the filipino nursing community.

Big difference starts with little steps. I welcome everyone to the forum. As promised, We will do everything to entertain each and everyones question with the best of our knowledge.


The team is planning to make videos of nursing related skills that will be uploaded in the website. This will be for free, and we will do it for fun. Ofcourse, we are obsessed with the ideals and technicalities so the videos will be studied very carefully... detail by detail and will all be based on the books.

Lectures, return demonstration, researches, nursing documentaries.... They are all BIG STEPS for each and everyone of us. But we will work on it soon.

Goodluck to us and to you! Happy holidays!

EGO precor ut deus ut sulum steps Capio , is ero me. EGO sum hoping ut sulum sententia EGO planto in vita mos have suus voluntas. Deus mos planto mihi valde , EGO mos humilis meus ego quod is mos levo mihi in palma quod caput capitis of maiestas. Deus est me , Deus est in mihi , Is ero me pro totus infinitio. ops operor maiestas , ops planto a distinctus , vox of Bonus.

PBSN Forum


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