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Certified V.I.R.G.I.N Club [CVC] Launched!

Certified V.I.R.G.I.N Club [CVC] Is an exclusive club, created and founded by nurse5616, FEED it's members with tons of premium and exclusive downloads that you can only get for a FEE, but here, we give it for FREE.

Members need to apply in the application thread located in the GENERAL FORUM. They are chosen using the following criteria:

CVC Membership Criteria

1. Applicants must have atleast 100 posts in order to apply for membership.

2. Applicants must get atleast 3 votes from the active global moderators and administrators for final confirmation.

3. When your membership application is approved, You will receive notification in your forum Inbox. You will automatically see the Certified V.I.R.G.I.N Member's forum upon logging in. This is invisble from non-members.

4. You are not allowed to post the links of this downloads elsewhere. Instead, ask them to join the forum and apply for the exclusive membership.

5. These are exclusive and premium nursing related or general contents that cannot be publicly exhibited, They are usually downloaded for a fee but will be given here for free. Rest assured that the hassles of applying for membership are worth it.

6. You are bound to these terms starting from the time you apply. PinoyBSN reserves the right to terminate your membership for any violation of these terms. We do not guarantee that your application will be accepted even if it meets the requirements.


I. Dial up issues

Downloads are typically large though some are still dial up friendly, We recommend broadband connection.

Still, Slow connection is not a hindrance. For larger files, I suggest get a USB Drive and visit the fastest internet cafe nearest to you and download all the files in one sitting.


Visit your
FORUM for more details.

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