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Let ANA be, nurse groups warned

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let ANA be, nurse groups warned

Dr. Dante Ang, chairman of the Commission on the Filipino Overseas, on Tuesday appealed to nursing institutions in the Philippines not to challenge the decision of the American Nursing Association urging the June 2006 nurses to retake the entire licensure exam and not just portions of it.

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Help in the fight to regain eligibility! Help in the fight to attain a better future.


I'm investigating your press release dated last 2 March 2007, regarding your suggestion for a retake of the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination.

I have several questions.

Firstly, while your statement was released several weeks after the CGFNS statement, your statement was vague compared to the latter. In the CGFNS statement, they urge for a retake of an equivalent tests for 3 and 5 as an assessment of knowledge and skill. Your statement on the other hand, called for a new set of examination.

This had lead to a confusion here in the Philippines.

I would just like to clarify if the two statements mentioned earlier are in conflict or not. Is the CGFNS version of the retake acceptable in terms for the ANA, in effect, are the two organizations asking for the same thing?

Lastly, if a certain nurse would take the examination offered by the Philippine government and urged by the CGFNS, will the ANA recognize such move? This is the most essential question that needs to be redressed quick.

I'm asking in behalf of the thousands of June 2006 passers and while I applaud your organization for protecting public health, I ask for your speedy reply in the matter. Your statement is much appreciated.


June 2006 passer.


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