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Raps vs 3rd review center in nursing controversy sought

August 25, 2007 01:27:00

By: Vincent Cabreza

BAGUIO CITY—The National Bureau of Investigation lost vital evidence that would have incriminated a third nursing review center of cheating in the June 2006 licensure exams, the Baguio nurses, who exposed the scandal, claimed here on Friday.

Cyndi Erfe, one of the three nurses who first complained to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) about the cheating, said this was the explanation they received why only the Ray A. Gapuz Nursing Review Center and the Inress Review Center were charged this week by the Department of Justice.

Erfe said the whistleblowers had asked the PRC to seek reconsideration from the DOJ to also charge the Pentagon Nursing Review Center, which also has a branch in Baguio.

“I am happy that the DOJ finally [pursued] criminal charges against Gapuz [but] we also gave them all our evidence against Pentagon. The NBI told us they included all evidence in their report which they forwarded to the DOJ, but the DOJ said that the evidence was not included in the NBI report,” Erfe said.

“Then they will claim that the evidence against Pentagon is weak? Are they mocking us?,” she said.

Pentagon employees declined to comment, when the Inquirer reached their Baguio office, saying they were not in a position to discuss the charges.

Last year, they put out local advertisements announcing that their review sessions did not offer leaked questions.

In several press conferences here, lawyers of Ricarte Gapuz, the review center’s executive director, already denied leaking answers to two sets of questionnaires during last year’s board examinations in Baguio.

Mariz Paterno, a Nueva Ecija nurse who accused Pentagon of cheating, said she and her fellow examinees are meeting this weekend to discuss other legal options.

Contributed By: Ate Shevz

kung bakit naman may mga taong wala talagang magawa kundi ang manira ng mga buhay. Alam nyo ba kung ano ang perwisyong idinulot nyo sa mga buhay ng mga june 2006 board passers at sa buong nursing profession? Masaya na ba kayo? Ang tagal na ng issue na ito. Ang daming buhay na ang nasira at ang daming pangarap na ang nawasak. Nagkaroon na ng retake, bakit ayaw nyo pa magtigil? Minsan hindi mawala sa isip ko na siguro ay pinagkakakitaan nyo na lang ang issue na ito. hindi tuloy mawala sa isip ko kung pumasa na ba kayo ng board exam o hanngang ngayon ay hindi pa rin kayo pumapasa? Nagdesisyon na ang korte bakit ayaw nyo pa tumigil?

stop the issue na, its 2007.. retakes are done .. so ano pa problema ng mga nagrereklamo!bkit meron ba review center na walang leakeage? or meron bang examination sa Pilipinas na walang leakage? walaaah!!!! kaya tama na tumigil na, maawa naman k u dun sa mga pumasa na na gusto ng manihimik at magamit na nila kung ano man ung naaccomplished nila. maging masaya na lang sana ka u para sa kanila.... darating din siguro ang time nyo... god bless and gudluk!!!!

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