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Ched seeks curbs on review centers

Ched seeks curbs on review centers
By Florante S. Solmerin

An official of the Commission on Higher Education yesterday urged Congress to pass a law that would regulate the establishment and operation of review centers.

“It’s about time to regulate review centers. First, they should be reputable, financially capable and manned by reputable reviewers of high integrity,” said Julito Vitriolo, the agency’s executive secretary.

The appeal came on the heels of reports that a lot of review centers, particularly those that deal with nursing, were operating outside the bounds of law and immune to any charges for violating education standards.

Vitriolo cited the controversy over the recent nursing board examination, where some alleged that the Ray A. Gapuz Review Center was among the sources of a massive leakage.

“Leakage has since time immemorial been there. But at this point, we should tighten our policy to avoid such violations to occur time and again,” Vitriolo said.

“Apparently, if review centers are not regulated, they will remain a weak link in the entire process,” he added.

Vitriolo said that under the current setup, review centers are not under the supervision of the agency or the Philippine Regulatory Commission, or any other government office.

“Review centers should be part of the government system,” he said.

At present, these establishments are only accountable to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the government agency that issue business permits to them.

“If there’s a regime of regulation, review centers that may be found guilty of a violation should be investigated. Somebody must answer the allegation,” Vitriolo said.

But under the present setup, only estafa can be filed against erring review centers because there is no specific law penalizing the violation or action,” he added.

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Gov’t crackdown on ‘fly-by-night’ reviewers sought

By Alcuin Papa
Last updated 05:05pm (Mla time) 07/20/2006

REVIEW centers must be closely regulated by government to prevent “leakages” during board exams and to arrest the downward slide of the education system, a higher education official has said.

Julito Vitriolo, deputy executive director of the Commission on Higher Education, said that once a regulatory system was in place to oversee the review centers, “fly-by-night” operators could be weeded out to prevent them from preying on innocent students.

A regulatory system will lead to a close scrutiny of the standards of the review centers, said Vitriolo who made the comments in the wake of the reported leak of test questions during the recent nursing board exams.

“If review centers are not regulated, this could lead to the deterioration of the education system,” said the CHEd official Wednesday.

Vitriolo said a law should be passed providing heavier penalties to any review center that would get involved in any “leakage” or cheating in board exams.

“Congress should move to create and pass a law that would punish these review centers, which are mostly only after profit from students,” he said.

Vitriolo said no erring review center had been punished because there had been no regulatory body to monitor them.

He explained that at present review centers only needed to secure the necessary permits and documentation from the Securities and Exchange Commission to be allowed to operate.

None of the centers are scrutinized for the quality of their teaching, he said.

“Under present laws, review centers are not answerable for any leakage or cheating during the board exams,” Vitriolo said.

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