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Commentary: NLE retake unnecessary and unfair; punish the guilty, spare the innocent

PIA Press Release
Commentary: NLE retake unnecessary and unfair; punish the guilty, spare the innocent

Tacloban City (August 29) -– President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s declaration that a retake is unnecessary and unfair, comes not only as a ray of hope but as a bright sunshine after a stormy night.

Indeed, it is unfair not only of the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Exams passers but particularly to the poor parents who worked hard just so their young daughters or sons can enter this noble profession. Some families had to ask some of their children to stop studying so that their nursing student can continue her schooling.

The poor families have placed their future on the nursing student thinking that she will be the catalyst for the economic growth of the entire family, never knowing that fate will play a joke on them, through the unscrupulous and unprofessional perpetrators of the nursing exam leakage.

For many of the board passers, not being able to take oath is just closing the world to them. But with the declaration of the President, as one board passer commented,” I can see the sunlight again.”

The President’s stand is an encouragement to the nursing schools which are implementing the highest form of learning discipline in order to produce exemplary graduates of the nursing profession. These are the nursing schools and colleges which passed through thorough accreditation in order to be certified as a nursing institution.

The President has instructed the concerned agencies and officials to work for a win-win strategy for all stakeholders following the principle of “punishing the guilty and sparing the innocent,” taking into consideration the directive of the President against a retake of the tainted nursing exams.

Furthermore, the President ordered the Professional Regulatory commission to investigate and see to it that stiff sanctions will be meted on those who were responsible for this mess. The Board of Nursing is now being organized and the nursing examiners will be dismissed.

It is good to know that the President will soon issue an Executive Order that will put all kinds of review centers under CHED while concerned agencies are now in the process of drafting policies to ensure that leakage is effectively stamped out and sanctions are meted effectively.

The incident will hopefully serve as a lesson that engaging in dishonest acts will not only destroy a person, her peers but also the whole profession. (PIA 8) [top]

from : PIA nformation Service

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