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Don’t ruin our nurses’ reputation

Don’t ruin our nurses’ reputation

Philip Dominguez Mercurio, Aug 30, 2006

Last week I was watching TV Patrol when the nursing board exam scandal came up. I initially thought, “Not a big deal. Just another one of those stories. Chatter over here; a resignation over there. All blown out of proportion.” This is commonplace when watching our news programming.

Until… Bam! As I was on the plane over to Nashville, this headline made it to page four of Monday’s New York Times: “Scandal Over Nurses’ Exam Stirs Unease in Philippines.” O Jesus!

You know, in this age of frightening times, why on earth are we adding to the flames. Do those in the Philippines know how scary such news reads to Americans? Look what the paper had in bold print: “A credibility crisis for the top supplier of nurses to Americans.”

Just a few months ago, local news in the Bay Area kept tabs on nurses working in the San Francisco Bay Area hospitals due to a number of deaths at some of the local hospitals, specifically those under Kaiser Permanente. Reputations were on the line as the news went on about each death that occurred during that month.

It was scary. Who wants to go to a hospital where there is more harm than good?

Yes, some incidents were caused by the incompetence of those staff at the time but Jesus Christ, don’t let them find some other excuse – like the hiring of foreign nurses as a reason. We’ll be an easy scapegoat.

Now, what I still don’t comprehend from this fiasco in Manila is the logic behind it? If what some of the students said is true, that someone high up at the Philippine Nursing Association leaked the answers of the exams. I really don’t see the purpose behind doing so? So you let a few others cheat to pass the exam so now the turnover rate at nursing schools could increase? Yea! A few more nurses.

Really? Wouldn’t a leak cause more damage to not just the nurses’ reputation aboard but the institutions themselves who would be seeing numbers of nursing enrollees plummet. You only need one whistleblower and the whole system goes kaput.

Of course, if the Philippine Nurses Association was right all along and this was caused by a few disgruntled students, the question is: why? Turning your back and saying, “We’ll screw you all” while holding up two middle fingers in the air, that isn’t the way to go. Instead of retaking the exam again another time, you’d rather take down the whole system with you. Not only have you ruined the chances for your fellow classmates to find satisfying jobs around the country, you also ruined your own chance of even being able to get a good job if you ever retake the test again.

But whoever the culprit/s, I hope they realize the implications they have set into motion. Our economy basically rests on the caring shoulders of our nurses and now it’s our own nurses who have been stricken with a potentially damaging disease.

We can only hope that this just blows over and doesn’t spread to other professional schools in the country. The best we Filipinos could do now to prove our credibility. The many decades of experience our foreign nurses have caring for the sick around the world should bear this out.


Punish the ones who spread the damn leak but don't spread black propaganda against the June 2006 board passers!! We passed the exam after removing the allegedly leaked questions, so what do you want more??!! You are destroying the reputation of Filipino nurses. You guys think it can save our integrity by retaking the exam? Think again, the damage is done. The media ruined not only the June 2006 board passers but all nurses here in the Philippines.

I think the root of all this damage is envy. They all know that nurses someday can fulfill their dreams when they work abroad. To all those nurses and other people who can't afford to pay for NCLEX and other state exams, who are not successful in their field of work, well eat your heart out. We will show you how successful we can be because you know what? Unlike you guys we don’t thrive in envy but hard work.

For those who want a retake, you are free to do so. Nobody is stopping you. But stop spreading lies just so you can pressure everyone to take the exam again. If you guys feel that it will redeem your integrity and competency then GO AHEAD AND FILE FOR RETAKE NOW. But for some board passers, the first exam is enough proof that we deserved to be licensed nurses now.
If you think we are selfish, then we are. God save me from self-righteous people. Frankly if fighting for our right as board passers makes us so THEN I DON’T GIVE A SHIT OF WHAT YOU GUYS THINK! I can’t believe that you will pay back those who insulted us with a retake. We deserved an apology from our nursing mentors. Don’t give them what they want since they cannot even support us when we need them.

A retake means surrendering your priced license as soon immediately for another exam. At the same time "Mahirap malimutan ang unang LISENSYA." That's why we can not agree. And this is not so easy for anybody who passed the examination fair and square.

Another...My friend who is a foreigner says that cheating is everwhere, anywhere, evryday, anytime and is evrytime there is an opportunity for somebody to take it, depending on the gravity of the situation. That's is why he said there is nothing unusual about this. The problem is the noise created and the media itself out to make big money, that instead of keeping the situation at the minimum level to find the the culprit who ever they are , went into explosion as if it was a matter of national disaster and national concern.

Cheating doesn't mean you don't know anything. In fact cheating is a last minute decission for someone who is in a difficult situation to get out of it. Unless you are caught otherwise. Cheating is presumably consider an ability during nescessity which require urgent and immediate response for remedy.

Ganyan lang talaga tayong mga Pilipino, Marunong gumawa ng paraan sa oras ng pangangailangan...But we don't cheat...This is only a very natural situation commonly getting around in every walks of life...

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