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Nursing board passers bewail their being unable to take oath

Tacloban City (August 28) -- Nursing Board Passers of Batch 2006 assailed their being unable to take oath despite their passing the Board Exams. They said that this does not only deter them from being employed but they feel that a stigma is being put on Batch 2006.
The board passers from Region 8 were present during the briefing on the June 2006 Nursing Board Exams issue and orientation on the Professional Regulatory Commission Board Examination system which was conducted recently by the Professional Regulatory Commission in Region 8, the Philippine Information Agency and the Federation of Active Professional Organizations of Region Eight (FAPORE).

The Forum was attended by the deans of nursing colleges and schools in the Region, the parents of the board passers, the board passers, members of the local media and staff of PRC 8 and PIA 8.

Some Board passers said that their parents have sacrificed so much to the extent of incurring debts just so they can finish their course and take the board exams but with what is happening now, it seems that all these sacrifices have been in vain.
The PRC 8 headed by Director Gerry Palabyab briefed the audience on the facts and findings regarding the June 2006 nursing board exams.

During the June 2006 Nursing Examinations, there were 204 board takers and 132 of them passed the examinations giving Tacloban a passing percentage of 64.71, higher than the national passing percentage of 42.42.

A close look at the passed passing percentages showed that from June 2001 to December 2005 nursing board, the passing rates are higher than that of June 2006 exams where there was an alleged leakage.

Another interesting matter noted is that in Baguio where the alleged leakage took place, the passing percentage is a poor 36.75 percent, lower than the national passing rate.
It was noted that PRC authorized the registration and oathtaking of June 2006 NLE passers starting August 15, 2006. On August 16, an application for a TRO and Court Injunction was filed at the Court of Appeals in Makati by the UST College of Nursing Faculty and some concerned nurses. At 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon of August 18, the TRO was approved by CA by news media account.

On August 22, Tuesday, PRC Tacloban received a text message from PRC Chairman L.T. Rosero aborting registration and oathtaking of June 2006 NLE passers.
What will happen to those who have registered with PRC before August 22? The ruling is that those who have registered with PRC before August 22 are already considered registered. Those who haven't registered will no longer be accommodated until the TRO is lifted. (PIA 8)

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