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PRC Schedules for New Passers- Update!

Hi Guys,

I know that there are many things that are happening which caused changes in the schedules posted previously so I would just like to give you guys updates.

August 1, 2006 was the supposed date for release of tickets but is now cancelled since the oathtaking is postponed indefinitely until the NBI investigations are done. But for your information ticket prices are at Php 400.00 each.

August 15, 2006 are the start of the registration and your schedule would depend upon your surname so please see my previous post re this found in the information section to see your exact date of registration. As well as the things needed for your registration.

I went to PRC yesterday and their giving out the registration form (green paper) this I think would be the one used on the actual registration. You can start filling those up with the necessary information and have it notarzied and metered stamp. But then again you can do all of these things on the day of your registration as well. There are lots of people in PRC just so we can help avoid congesting the place.

It seems like the OATHTAKING is postponed indefinitely but the REGISTRATION is still going to be ongoing as scheduled since they allow us to get forms we shall see by August 15, 2006 what will happen.

Thats's just about it for now and I shall keep you posted for more information. Feel free to ask questions in the comments area and I will try to answer it the best that I can thanks! :)

i failed the excam last june 11-12 when will i can file for exam on dec,im still confused, till when are the exact last filling thanks a lot more power

joan is the green form the oath form or the registration form? Thanks for giving the updates regarding the oath taking.

the green form is actually the oath form, that you can have metered with doc stamps and notarized already, to be ready for registration day

joan i took my exam at baguio city, can i take my oath taking at manila?....

i have to be honest i am not sure about this but i do not think that would be possible since if you applied in baguio more or less your records are there right? and it would appear that you are registered there... this is just my opinion but maybe you could verify with PRC there in baguio

ei wait lng! excited ng mgoath taking ah! diba my retake pa? hahahaha!!!!!!......

thanks for the updates, we get really updated here in palawan....
looking forward for more info. in the next weeks!thks

hello ms. joan! i am really clueless how to go about sa PRC so i hope you won't mind answering some questions that i have!

so, if i go to PRC, where can i get that green oath form? what do i do when i get it? metered documentary stamps muna bago notary? pasensya na kung napaka-elementary ng tanong, ayoko lang magmukhang t@ng@ pagpunta ko dun tomorrow. thank you very much i advance!

anyway, i like this site! it's very helpful to the people in the nursing profession! keep up the good work!

totoo po bng my retake

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