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Misamis Oriental nurses stand pat on 'no retake' position

Misamis Oriental nurses stand pat on 'no retake' position
By Lizanilla J. Amarga

THE Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) Misamis Oriental is supporting the "No To Retake" stand taken by local successful examinees in the controversial June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination.

The nurses' group is also joining calls to now allow all Northern Mindanao passers to take their oaths.

Some 50 successful exam passers from Capitol University and Liceo de Cagayan University recently offered a "No to Retake" mass at Nazareno Parish Church.

They also admitted that the image of the Filipino Nursing profession has been tarnished not just in the country but also in the international community because of this recent leakage in their June 2006 licensure exams.

Earlier, there were reports that there was a leakage in the June exams. A Senate inquiry is now being conducted to get to the bottom of the controversy.

The University of Sto. Thomas (UST) has filed for the nullification of the above exam results and was recently granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) by the Court of Appeals.

Because of the TRO, the taking of oaths and the processing of all documents pertaining to the registration as licensed nurses of all successful examinees including those from Northern Mindanao are now being held stayed to await the court's order.

Meanwhile, the successful examinees' group spokesman Kristoffer Abellanosa said PNA-Misamis Oriental President Rey Yap and the "No To Retake" mass officiating priest Fr. Lyndon Zayas, SSJV voiced support for their "No to Retake" stand.

He said Fr. Zayas included in his homily "words of wisdom and on how to be strong in spite the nursing leak controversy in Manila."

"They (Yap and Fr. Zayas) joined us in our prayer for the lifting of the TRO issued by the Court of Appeals so that the rest of the passers who were not able to take their oaths may do so na," he said.

Abellanosa's group has now come out with a "No to Retake" position paper and has recently furnished Sun.Star a copy of the same.

The position paper of the group contains how the "image of the nursing profession has been greatly tarnished."

"More importantly, the Filipino image relative to the nursing profession in the international community has been largely ruined by the inconsiderate actions of some selfish and unscrupulous personalities in the nursing industry," their statement reads.

The group believes that "urgent calls for reforms to restore the pristine reflection of the nursing profession" reverberates still this cannot be done through requiring those who passed here in Northern Mindanao to retake the same exam.

"(It) should not be at the expense of the hundreds and thousands of innocent nursing students/examinees who invested blood, sweat and tears just to achieve their ultimate dream," they said.

For them the position paper "aims to illustrate the recklessness, irresponsibility and injustice of compelling legitimate successful passers of the June 2006 National Licensure Examinations for Nurses in the Northern Mindanao area to retake the same examinations."

The group believes that "if at all a retake is necessary and deemed the only thing that can restore dignity to the nursing profession, then the same must not encompass the whole archipelago."

They said it should only be for those areas proven to be where the alleged leakage took place.

"Surely not everyone can be made to endure the humiliation and indignities caused by the sins of a few, much less allowed to suffer the consequent penalty," their statement reads.

This as the alleged occurrence of a leakage of examination questions in the June 2006 National Licensure Examinations for Nurses did not include the Northern Mindanao Area.

Also, there is the issue on how the Professional Regulation Commission's application of statistical treatment on the examination results of the June 2006 National Licensure Examinations for Nurses.


I symphatize with you. I symphatize with all the honest passers, but there has to be strong positions to make other people listen. Reforms must be made within the PRC, the gate keeper of all professions. The controversy highlighted the ineptitude & incompetence of the PRC. These would have to stop. There should be whole sale reforms in the Nursing Education.

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