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17 in nursing test leak named; complaint filed

17 in nursing test leak named; complaint filed

By Tetch Torres
Last updated 06:38pm (Mla time) 10/12/2006

(3RD UPDATE) THE NATIONAL Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has formally filed a criminal complaint before the Department of Justice (DoJ) against 17 officials of three nursing review centers for their alleged involvement in the June licensure exam leakage.

The NBI however spared the examinees, saying it was “practically impossible” to determine whether any one of them had benefited from the purported leak.

Ricarte and Evangeline Gapuz, Ma. Elena Alterejos, Elizabeth Iciano and Eleanor Artemia Gapuz of R.A. Gapuz Review Center; George Cordero, Adela and Jerry Cordero, Corazon Sabado, MacJohn Fabian, Lolita Barlahan and Eugenia Alcantara of Inress Review Center and Gerald Andamo, Attorney Glenn Luansing, Mike Jimenes, Jerome Balisnomo and Freddie Valdez of Pentagon Review Center have been accused of allegedly violating Republic Act 8981 or the Act Modernizing the Professional Regulation Commission.

The DoJ will form a five-man panel to conduct a preliminary investigation, Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuño said.

As of posting time, none of the accused can be reached for comment.

“In the probe conducted, the NBI took notice of the review centers’ claims that providing ‘tips’ was a normal practice in order to lure students to enroll in their institutions,” according to the complaint filed by the bureau, a copy of which was released to media.

“But the irregularity in the recently concluded NLE [Nursing Licensure Exam] was not a simple case of tip, or an intelligent guess by the reviewers on what was forthcoming,” it said.

“What actually transpired was a leakage in every sense of the word. Indeed, the review centers possessed and discussed questions with even the prescribed answers, clearly they must have too valuable materials that have originated from the persons who prepared the exams," it said.

In the same complaint, the NBI said it decided to spare the board takers because it was difficult to determine whether they actually benefited from the leakage by the mere possession of the review materials under question.

“It takes not much debate to infer that an examinee who gets the right answers to the questions on Test 3 and 5 does not necessarily mean that he availed of the benefits of the purported leakage. In the same manner, one who fails to get the right answers does not necessarily suggest that he did not have possession thereof," the NBI said.

Questions in tests 3 and 5 were allegedly what were leaked to the students.

“Admittedly, these leakages affected the determination of the proficiency of the examinees, albeit affected the morale of the Non- Inress, Gapuz, and Pentagon reviewees, but it must also be admitted that essentially it is the knowledge of the subjects given in the exams that would eventually determine whether a student could pass the NLE,” the NBI said.

“It is not within the authority of the NBI or any person for that matter to comprehend the capabilities of the examinees come examination time for this is where luck, knowledge of the subject matter, preparation, faith and prayers taken altogether come into work,” the NBI said.

"For these reasons, to push for the prosecution of the reviewees is not only difficult but impractical. This is apart from the fact that this Bureau would not be willing to serve as an instrument in depriving the students of their professional advancement," it added.

The NBI said what was prohibited under the law was making known the exam and tampering of grades which the students would not likely have committed.

Elfren Meneses, NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division chief, said that they have over 20 witnesses, students and photocopiers among them, who testified on the alleged leakage.

Other bases for the complaint were the Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, compact discs containing a file of the alleged leaked questions, and typewritten and handwritten manuscripts of the examiners.

The NBI has filed a criminal complaint against Board of Nursing officials Anisia Dionisio and Virginia Madeja before the Office of the Ombudsman.

Zuño said the panel would evaluate the NBI report, summon the 17 officials, and determine whether there would be basis to file a case against them in court.

Zuño said the panel would also recommend whether the 17 would be placed on the watchlist of the Bureau of Immigration to prevent them from leaving the country.

Zuño also noted that the panel would not be confined to the names submitted by the NBI.

"The NBI can file supplementary complaint or depending on our evaluation if other people can be included in the case," Zuño said.

I attended a review session in one of the 3 review centers mentioned by NBI...

In the final coaching session we were given 'possible' questions that would appear in the NLE... 1000 items!... for heaven sake, it was a Saturday... Sunday was start of NLE... Do you suppose I would give time cramming to memorize those??? I was not even sure if their 'reliable'... It wld be utter waste of my time & energy... In my mind, having taken & passed 2 national exams in the past... the questions wld probably be 'basic' in nature & foundation... I had 4 yrs in psych & 3 yrs nursing degree to back me up... & my natural passion for health & sciences... I was confident of my basic ana&physio, being thought by a medical director of mla hosp... I was apprehensive at first... but it's too late to get worried one day before NLE... I hd psyched up myself... I was all set & prepared... I slept through it... I have to be in the testing site by 6am... I needed that energy & sleep to get me through 500 items in 1 & 1/2 days....True enough!

Any board passers wld hv passed Test V with his/her eyes half closed! ( no need of a leakage!)

But Test 3 was incredibly difficult!!! & so was Test 4!!!

The alleged "LEAKAGE" was an insult to our preparation for the NLE for the nth time!!!



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