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Commentary: On nursing board examination retake

Commentary: On nursing board examination retake
By Jessie R. Valdez

San Fernando City, La Union (3 October) -- President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stood firm in her decision to implement a retake of the nursing examinations given last June to uphold the integrity of the Philippine nursing profession in the eyes of the people and the world.

The welfare not only of Filipino nurses but also of other professionals was foremost in the mind of her Excellency, President Arroyo when she ordered a retake of tests 3 and 5 of the recent nursing board examinations which was reported to be tainted with pervasive cheating.

This was the view of DOLE RI Director Guerrero N. Cirilo, Career Executive Service Officer (CESO 2) when sought by the Philippine Information Agency here.

Lawyer Cirilo, former labor attaché, said the palatable image of Filipino workers abroad hinges on their exceptional skills and ability, integrity, positive work ethics and good command of English. This make them among the best, pound for pound, sought by foreign employers around the globe, Cirilo said.

The positive image of Filipino professionals in the global market should be preserved if we hope to see our country to continuously enjoying the OFW $12-billion yearly remittances which has strengthened the Philippine economy, Cirilo added.

There is no other way to restore Filipino worker's credibility and positive global image than a repeat of the tarnished nursing examinations or portion of it as seen fit by the President, Cirilo stressed.

Meanwhile, the government is ready to shoulder the expenses of the retake for all examinees in the nursing licensure board exams held last June The retake is planned to be conducted this coming December, the regular nursing board examinations.

However, the government also remains determined to find the architects of the scam who have tainted the honor and integrity of the nursing profession- and bring them to justice. (PIA La Union)

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