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June ’06 nursing board exam and May ’04 election

June ’06 nursing board exam and May ’04 election

Last updated 01:29am (Mla time) 10/07/2006

Published on Page A14 of the October 7, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

ASKING the passers to retake the nursing board exam is absurd. If we’re talking about integrity of the exam -- or, perhaps, the integrity of those students who have benefited from the leakage and want a retake -- then by all means, they should take the exam by themselves.

For those who passed the exam through honest means, we say: We waited four years for this exam, worked hard during the review and then took it honestly. I think our integrity, credibility and our competence as nurses are still intact. I really don’t see the word “retake” as the only means to save this thing called “integrity.”

The investigators already know the exact places where the leakage happened. I guess the best way to resolve this case is to have the “retake” only in those places where the leakage occurred.

Many of us need to support our families. Because of this, some of us have already applied for a job as call center agents. This kind of work isn’t even our field. Also, most of the hospitals in Cebu and in Mindanao don’t accept this year’s board passers. Why? Is it because of the leakage?

Nursing directors are fast becoming paranoid. They know for a fact that the leakage took place in just a few places, not in all exam sites. So why is the Professional Regulation Commission giving us a hard time applying for work in hospitals? I do think the retake is unfair to those who passed without cheating.

Finally, by ordering the retake, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has shown that she doesn’t tolerate cheating. I just hope she has the same mind-set about the 2004 election. If we must take the exam again, then a snap election or a recount of the votes will just be fair -- to clear and erase all doubts about the legitimacy of the country’s highest public official.

LOUWEL YEE (via e-mail)

i think its not fair din to have selective retake, since not all students from review centers under investigation have benefited from the leakage. not all gapuz reviewees have benefited from the leakage. wats best wud be to punish the real culprits and not the examinees. and that the examination giving bodies should take this as a lesson so that this kind of thing wont happen anymore. and that no more alibis such as " the test questions may have been leaked while it was being reprinted" or "i lost the copy of my test questionaires" wont be heard of anymore.

The Thorough Investigation...

It is taunting that up to this time, every examinee of the june 2006 NLE is indefinite whether this will end credible in the name of justice of what the Arroyo administration is trying to push through - by NBI.

Enough time I believe is wasted to the changing moods of time, when goup of persons rallied over the halls, streets, etc. to protest about the fishy decision made by those in authority, to retake or not. Was it mainly to find out for the best results? Why was it not done before the issue has reached the peak of politicking...

If some would be very sensitive and would feel too innocent about the previous years' issue of the same-leakage- and would act in the same way to demonstrate how intense is this leakage in this year's NLE.

If other batch of passers had made it through without any retake, why not make it fair to everyone...

After all, this will be the crucial time to punish those perpetrators. This is what our batch would bring to the justice system in the country that must have been realized from the start of 'filipino professionalism...

Some Professionals in the government might as well affirm that this is a perennial problem, for they were once a recepient of leakage before they become now.

Since the root cause has to digged-out, it must really not be in haste, and remove first the issue on whether there will be a retake or none, but we cannot make it this time it's disturbing. Just worthwhile to consider the President, it seems like she has no regard for the decision that will be made by the Court of Appeals, maintaining that retake is the solution. Then if so every passer of the bygone years should do so...

One more thing, Not " EVERYONE " cheated, and believing and affirming, not " EVERYONE " should retake, it's never the burden of the examinees to find out who benefited from the leakeage, it is the government, who should at the same time uphold justice for everyone, decided by the Court. The reveiw centers identified are proven, and so what we are waiting then are the reviewees from these centers.

Not All "Schools" or "Students" resorted to the same review centers, the solution really is to identify those who were the benefactors of the leakage...

One last thing, The Philippines will soon be taking the record in the " Guinness Book of World Records " on the longest unresolved leakage issue in licensure, Then we would be more proud of it... Just for justice to prevail...

The provincial schools are often victims of discrimination, leakages, etc. But the students there have something to prove...


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