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Bacolod SP backs nursing passers stand

Bacolod SP backs
nursing passers stand

The Bacolod Sangguniang Panlungsod yesterday approved an omnibus resolution supporting the call of successful nursing graduates and passers of the 2006 nursing board examinations and their parents not to have a retake of the exams or any portion of it.

The resolution also called on the President to recall the order to retake, or at least, to exempt the nursing graduates and passers Visayas and Mindanao, who did not study in the indicated review schools, from having to take the exams.

It also incorporated into the resolution one authored by Councilor Marx Louie de la Rosa which appealed to the President to allow the release of the Nursing Board Licenses to nursing students, who had taken and passed the exams, and to vigorously continue the investigation on the alleged leakage during the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Exams.

The resolution said the nursing students of Negros Occidental are hoping that the Court of Appeals will lift the temporary restraining order that prevents them from availing of their duly deserved licenses and so that they can go on with their plans for the future.

It also said the nursing students believe it would be unfair for them to suffer the rigors of preparing for another board exams when they have passed already it, adding that they are unjustly punished for something they did not do.

De la Rosa, a nursing student of the University of St. La Salle, said many members of the Sangguniang Kabataan and the Kabataan Katipunan are among those who have passed the exams.

The SP session yesterday was attended by the 2006 United Alliance of Concerned Parents led by Rodrigo Tinsay and the 2006 Alliance of New Nurses led by Menard Ryan Ong.

One of them, Grace Marie Salinas of Bacolod City, a 9th placer in the 2006 Nursing Licensure Exams, yesterday said it would be difficult on their part to take the exams again, although she is not really concerned about being among the topnotchers. However, she said they will be taking the exams again in a different state of mind and state of well being, with all the anxiety and the pressures the situation will bring upon them, considering that they are not guilty of the alleged leakage.

Ellen Lindaya, vice president of the UACP, yesterday appealed to the President that the retake be only applied in areas where there were leakages. She said they are also against an optional retake and requesting the PRC to release their licenses since they have already taken their oath.

Lindaya said their children deserve their licenses because they had worked hard for it and that she believes what is happening right now is an injustice to them. She said she believes this is high time that they fight for their right.

"We have requested Councilor Dindo Ramos to be our lawyer although a class suit would be a last and desperate recourse on our part," Lindaya said.

Ramos suggested that a copy of the resolution be immediately relayed to the President in order that the stand of the SP will be made known to her.

The resolution also said it is the sentiment of the SP that an order to retake the exams, even just a part or parts of it, to include those who did not take part in the cheating and who did not benefit from it, and who did not review in the indicated schools, is a fundamental injustice against the successful exam takers and their families.*CGS

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