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Spare the innocent

Spare the innocent
Last updated 01:23am (Mla time) 10/06/2006

Published on Page A14 of the October 6, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

I PASSED the June board licensure exam for nurses, and I would like to say that it is unfair for us successful examinees here in Davao City to have to retake that exam. We did not benefit from any leakage of exam questions and answers in any way. We poured our time, effort and money to study and review for that exam.

Most of us have started working as nurses. An order for an exam retake would deprive us of our jobs and source of livelihood. We have families to support!

Some other government officials do not see the injustice being committed to innocent people who are becoming victims of the foolishness in Metro Manila. People here in Mindanao have no connection to the leakage in the areas under investigation.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, please spare people who are innocent, people who did not cheat. -- Leonard Wong, Davao City (via e-mail)

* * *

I took the nursing board exam last June and the next day flew here to Buffalo, New York, with my husband because he was about to start his residency training in Internal/Preventive Medicine. I was happy to know that I passed the exam although I really didn’t have an adequate review because we were preoccupied with preparations for our move to the United States.

I had nothing to do with the exam scandal and I know many others are in the same situation, and yet our careers are hanging by a thread. I just hope that if Malacañang really wants to have the exam retaken, it should consider the plight of innocent people like me. I don’t really know if I can go home this December to take the exam because of my husband’s hectic schedule and the cost. -- Melannie Co, New York (via e-mail)

* * *

The government could repay the review fees and the cost of review materials, etc., but it cannot repay the mental anguish we went through in preparing for that board exam, and the time being wasted in waiting for our licenses to be released. We turned our days into nights, and we were probably walking zombies as we gathered all the knowledge we had gained in four years of nursing school, just to pass the exam, be awarded our licenses, see our parents happy and proud, and repay the blood, sweat and tears they shed to send us to nursing school. We sacrificed a lot!

The board exam is not the only way we can prove our competence. Give us our licenses so we can show that we deserve them, and we will do everything in our power to protect that license.

If there is a “stigma” on the profession, which is why some government officials want a retake, the solution is just simple: We will live in such a way that will prove them wrong!

We are not sacrificial lambs. We are nurses with hearts full of compassion to serve humanity, and minds that know what is wrong and what is not. -- Karisna Khate Sesante, Cebu City (via e-mail)

* * *

Whether we like it or not, the leakage has diminished the credibility of the results of the exam as well as the professional credibility of the examinees that passed the exam. While most of the successful examinees may not have benefited from the leakage, let’s think about the bigger picture. Until we have a retake and try to regain some respect for the profession, there will always be lingering doubts about the integrity and worthiness of Filipino nurses. Our country depends a lot on remittances of overseas Filipino workers, most especially nurses, and the last thing we want is for our nurses to be branded as cheaters and for foreigners to look condescendingly on Filipino nurses.

Those who are adamant against taking the exam again are either among the cheaters or they must have passed the board by sheer luck. I for one would not want to entrust the care of my health and that of my family to a cheater or to a “lucky” nurse. -- Jose Santiago, Cebu City (via e-mail)


mr jose santiago of cebu city, did you passed the exam or not? it is wrong of whatever reason you may have to retake the exam you passed when you worked hard for it.

kung kumuha k ng exam dapat alam mn hindi pinaguusapan ang competency duon kc halos ang lumabas duon e common sense lng n tanong wala nga duon ung mga nireview nmn n mahirap. dapat alam mo din n sa exam n yan walang nakakaalam kung ano ang lalabas maliban n lamng n ikaw e may leakage. pero para sa amin n halos lahat e ibigay para lng makapasa at pwera p ung mga sacrifices ng aking asawa't anak hindi ko matatnggap un kc hindi n ako makakauwi p sa pinas para lng jan sa rtetake n yan kc may trabaho n ako d2 sa kinaroroonan ko

What luck are you talking about ?

I would like to reiterate the question raised; Have you taken the board exam ?

If you had, then shame on you to say that it was sheer luck. I had a splitting headache after the first day, the second day I could not surmise it without a dose of pain reliever. Being a Mom to teenager kids and have graduated in 2004,the bulk of my effort were self review. I did it late at night when the kids are sleeping, or early dawn just before I tend my daily routine. I did join the Intensive Review in a NON Gapuz center here in Cebu City, but even that, my confidence stemmed from my HARDWORK AND SACRIFICE.

Now, if we want to clean the so called "tarnished" image, let's do it by showing to the world that we do it by respecting the rights of others and punishing the guilty ! Not the shortcut way of sacrificing others that are true and honest!

The BON said they can identify the cheaters by the using the data and resources that they already have-- why don't we do this !

I too, came from Cebu City. And I can vouch that I passed the exam for the first time, despite the fact that I graduated 2 years ago-- but doing so was not out of LUCK, but by " chewing" several books, review notes and the previous compilation of board questions.

Now, Mr. Santiago0-- before you have the audacity to to belittle that EFFORT ! tell us first, have you taken the exam ? Have you passed ?


"i dare not judge my fellowmen... not until i have walked in his shoes" sana mr. jose wag mangyari sayo o kung sino mang minamahal mo sa buhay ang nangyayari sa aming board passers ngayon, hindi mo alam ang pinagsasabi mo, wala kang alam, kaya manahimik ka na lang, at baka makarma ka pa at magbiro sayo ang Diyos at sa oras na naghihingalo ka na sa isang hospital ay malaman mo na june 2006 board passers pala na inaapi api mo at inaalipusta mo ang nag-aaruga sayo.

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