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Honesty versus Competency

I was just wondering... will a retake of the board exams REALLY help restore the integrity of the nursing profession and licensing in the Philippines? Or, are we just comforting ourselves in believing that it can?

I believe that leakage during board exams (here in the Phils.) is rampant, not only in the NLE, but in other licensure examinations as well. Hindi lang na sensationalize yung iba... And hindi lang natin maaccept na common occurence na yata ito...

But why dapat na i-order ang retake? The answer is simple... It may be because we want to "restore" the integrity of the nursing profession (kuno)... But I guess, the real reason is that it is the EASY WAY OUT of these mess. It's just like treating the board passers as DISPENSIBLE casualties of war...

Yes, it is said that it's very difficult to determine if a board passer really benefited from the leakage. But who said it is impossible to pinpoint who benefited from the leakage, even just a fraction of them?

Di bah all these started in BAGUIO? Complainants said that there was a leakage. Some of them, I heard on TV, SAW the leakage itself before the exams! So, the best thing to do, is to give the licenses to these June 2006 board passers. Then trace (from the Baguio complainants) who really benefited from the leakage. This then could produce a network of students who benefited from the leakage. Of course, because they
would be giving vital information to the NBI, they should be immuned from criminal charges. But in return, they should provide vital and HONEST information to the NBI. Those proven to have benefited from the leakage, with the help of some students (with immunity, of course) in Baguio, should have their licenses revoked and be barred from the nursing profession.

WHY you ask??? Because the issue of "honesty" OUTWEIGHS "competency"! It was PROVEN that a leakage was out and some students "knowingly" benefited from it. Why do I say KNOWINGLY? Based on TV interviews of Baguio students, they implied that some students acknowledged the fact that what was handed out to them was a "leakage" even before the examination. If I am not mistaken, some Baguio complainants themselves
reviewed or saw the leaked questions nga eh, expecting it to be a leakage, before the exams. So they will be VITAL resource persons for the NBI.

If you are not that competent at work, one can undergo trainings and seminars, or even mentorship, right? But if you are not an honest person... Di bah mas mahirap maging honest? Because it's already your nature eh... If may medication error ka, for example, and you are not an honest nurse... eh di huwag i-chart! Di bah? Why chart the incident? Baka mapagalitan lang ako...

If may re-take, and those who cheated (June) PASSED the re-take (December?), we may be giving licenses to nurses who are not honest in performing their work. They may be "competent" but they are not "honest". And I'm afraid they'll never be honest...

I'm sorry if I have offended anybody with this post. I have this suppressed sentiment kasi with the re-take...



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