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Retake in two subjects is in order

Retake in two subjects is in order

By Belinda Olivares-Cunanan
Last updated 01:28am (Mla time) 10/07/2006

Published on Page A13 of the October 7, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

I SENSE a degree of frustration in Labor Secretary Arturo Brion about Malacañang’s “flip-flopping” on the issue of a retake of two subjects in the recent nursing board exams, which have been found to be tainted by a leakage of the questions. He was quoted as opining that if the Palace waits for the Court of Appeals to resolve the case, it could take years since it may go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Brion is pressing for a retake now and I think the Palace ought to trust his instincts as he was once an associate justice of the Court of Appeals, and he knows how slowly the justice system works in this country. The Palace should order the retake of the two subjects.

* * *

A retake of the two subjects is strongly recommended by the Philippine Council for Nursing Reform (PCNR), a prestigious association of nursing leaders in the academic and service sectors. PCNR holds that a retake is absolutely necessary for Luzon examinees inasmuch as the leakage was detected in Baguio City and Manila review centers the day before the exams, but that this may not be needed for Mindanao.

PCNR doubtless has been influenced in stand by the University of Santo Tomas (UST), since its members meet regularly in that school. UST, under Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, former chair of the Commission on Higher Education, was the first to insist on retaking the exams if the integrity of the nursing profession is to be preserved. It’s truly in order.

sec. brion is quite witty in insisting about the retake nursing board exam issue!

is it because his department is the one who is handling the problem!oh- it's a big money!

once this issue pursue definitely brion will have all the rights where the big bucks will go.

it's 38,000,000.oo pesoses!

hey! fr. dela rosa who ever you, please! spare those student who passed the exam...

better to take your time in giving advice to those who flunk the exam to study hard especially the one who is from UST whom they said as cum laude.

We will believe those who are for retake of both tests 3 and 5 if they will validly refute first the article posted hereto entitled "WHY IGNORE GROUNDS FOR NO-RETAKE--AND WHY RETAKE TEST 3 AT THE EXPENSE OF PASSERS."

Let experts from UP, UE, UST, Dante Ang na doctor pa man din, Tadle, Yangot, Gordon, Brion, etc. refute the grounds for no-retake presented therein on a point-by-point basis.

If they cannot, they are making unfounded conclusions--contrary to what their schools are teaching, contrary to what law schools are teaching.

REFUTE this article or SHUT UP !!!

fr dela rosa, imbestigahan nyo din po ang UST DEAN of Nursing at ang kanyang kaugnayan sa INRESS... bago po kayo mag-advise ng RETAKE...

baka talagang UST lang ang dapat mag-retake...

una, sa pagkahibang ng UST sa ranking ng schl sa NLE.

two, sa pagbagsak ng 3 cum laude... 3x RETAKE po yun!

tatlo, para sa pag-file ng TRO 17,000x times kapalit na RETAKE po yun...

huli, ang pagpapa-interview ni tadle kay korina nung friday! ang panget nya sa tv... 1000000x (to the 3rd power) retake po yun!

100x100 times UST should RETAKE NLE, pader!...bayad sa kanilang mga kasalanan sa June 2006 board passers! tenk yu pader...


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