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Pinoy BSN Is now the the world's most popular academic blog site.

PinoyBSN Is now ranked number 1 in the world's blogtopsites ranking, Which ranks the most popular websites all over the world based on the number of unique visitors.

Unique visitors are counted using their IPs... One computer = 1 unique visit regardless of how many visit that user made in day.

PinoyBSN is in the ACADEMIC category, competing with thousand of other academic blogsites all over the world.

Congratulations to each and every individual of PinoyBSN community, The admins, contributors and frequent visitors.

We do all this just for fun and that is the magic of it.

Visit for more details on the ranking.


I changed the shoutbox because yesterday, gabbly was down for some users and those that cannot enter the chat were using the shoutbox. I noticed that it has 60 post a minute limit, which is really, really bad for a shoutbox, considering that there are free shoutbox that offers unlimited post length and number. I liked the oggix shoutbox ever since, But I can't find their site when I planned on putting a shoutbox on the site. Luckyly they are up again... Oggix is a lot better, It's the best free shoutbox in the world.

for quicker download of the Dec 06 NLE

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