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NBI joins probe on leakage at recent nursing board exams

NBI joins probe on leakage at recent nursing board exams
By Rizal S. Obanil

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has stepped into the probe on the supposed leakage at the recent Nursing licensure exam conducted by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC).

''We're focusing on the criminal aspect of the case. If there was someone from the government, review center or the board of nursing involved,'' NBI-Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (AFCCD) Chief Elfren Meneses said.

Meneses said that they recently received a letter of request from the PRC last July 18 to conduct an investigation on the supposed leakage at the June 11-12 board exam for nursing.

The AFCCD Chief has already assigned Supervising Agent Rodolfo Saniano and Special Investigator IV Martine Cruz to conduct an investigation.

Meneses said that they also received a pile of documents from the PRC, who has already conducted an initial investigation on the case.

The PRC has so far focused their investigation on the two examiners who allegedly distributed the leakage.

Meneses, however, said they will extend the conduct of the probe to the review centers, members of the board and the examinees themselves.


could they also extend the investigation to PNA Officials, to PRC and to themselves (NBI)?

apparently this nbi probe will lead to nothing. the fact that the investigation was requested by the PRC on July 18, the same day the results were released, indicates that the PRC had no intention of taking into consideration the results of the said investigation as basis for determining whether the results should be released or not. this investigation is now more of a "saving face" tactic by the PRC to subdue the clamoring parents of those who failed. they continue to give false assurances and stern warnings that the licenses could and will be revoked if ever the leakage is confirmed. it is amusing to note that the leakage has been confirmed by the prc and the bon and it has even been broadcast on tv and that admission alone should be enough reason for the results to have not been released! now all we hear is explanations from rosero that not all the exams were tainted, that some were still good?????? when will they stop treating us like children? when the gapuz review center was under fire they vehemently denied ANY participation in the leakage controversy. now that the sources have been revealed (dionisio and whoever the other one is) ray himself admitted that he saw the handwritten manuscript yet denies any fault since he did not know where it came from or that it was the actual exam. even rosero admitted that there was leakage yet she claims the results were not affected by the said leakage. COME ON NOW!!!!! The fact that there is a leakage points to the fact that the exam is not valid. Even though a statistician manipulates the results we can never say that the exam is clean. The only solution here would be for everyone to retake the exam. The results should have been released only when the NBI proved that there was no leakage! Sad to say the PRC, BON and the Government all have a hand in this mess. There is more to lose if a retake is done so utilitarianism wins.

I feel sorry though for the nurses who passed: it doesn't matter how much they try to convince themselves that they passed because THEY didn't cheat. that is not the point and yet they stubbornly refuse to see it! by hook or by crook, yes, that is how they passed the exams. they may have passed but their exam will forever be tainted. the mistake of one becomes the mistake of all so everyone should suffer for truth and justice to prevail. do not sacrifice your morals for the sake of passing the boards! you can always rationalize and justify but in the end the truth remains!

for those who cheated, shame on you! are you happy now? can you sleep well at night knowing that you destroyed the hopes of many others? the easy way may seem like the good way but i believe in karma. good luck to you! to my mind you will never be nurses but frauds, fraudulent pretentious nurses relying on the Philippine's lack of morals to get by!!!

This issue disgusts me and all of you who pretend that there is no issue here disgust me as well! If you are indeed nurses you know that you have been compromised and that there is only one recourse. Do the right thing!

p.s. i did not fail, i did not take the exam, i am just an interested lurker with no vested interest. this is not sourgraping ok?

Hey, unsatisfied, anong website mo? What you said makes a lot of sense. email mo ko-

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