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Court of Appeals asked to stop nurses’ oath taking

Court of Appeals asked to stop nurses’ oath taking
By Veronica UyINQ7.netLast updated 03:11pm (Mla time) 08/17/2006

A PETITION for a temporary restraining order has been filed at the Court of Appeals which seeks to stop the oath taking of nursing students who passed the 2006 licensure exam, an official of a group of Philippine nursing colleges told Thursday.

Dean Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas, vice president of the Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing, expressed concern over the announcement of August 22 oath taking ceremonies allegedly by regional officers of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
Sto. Tomas said in a phone interview that this move by the PRC was incomprehensible, as in its earlier decisions to release the results of the exams and to allow a voluntary re-take despite allegations of a leak in the just concluded nursing exam.

“What are they trying to protect? The biggest question now is who was paid the seven million pesos?” Sto. Tomas asked, referring to the money, which two examiners allegedly received in exchange for the leak.

But at Wednesday's Senate hearing, Eufemia Octaviano, the PRC's Board of Nursing chairman, testified that she and colleague Anesia Dionisio spent for their trip to Switzerland, which was allegedly part of the package.

Sto. Tomas insisted on a re-take for all examinees because “there's no other way to redeem the credibility” of that June 11 and 12 nursing exam.

Rene Tadle of the task force on leakage based at the University of Santo Tomas supports Sto. Tomas' position.

He said that despite UST's 83 percent passing rate in that board exam, allowing all the successful examinees to get their licenses to practice with this still unresolved leak scandal “posed a danger to public health and safety as their competencies were not properly measured.”
“This is very, very painful for us, but we're telling our students that this is beyond the individual now, this involves the integrity of the exams themselves,” Tadle said.

Tadle appealed to the PRC to listen to their petitions, particularly to have the oath-taking stopped.

“Please listen to us. [The scandal] is not our fault. It is not the fault of the examinees. But there is nothing but a re-take that can resolve the issue. What will happen if they are later proven wrong? Will they take back the licenses they issued? Kawawa naman ang mga bata (Pity the examinees),” Tadle said.

Sto. Tomas also confirmed that George Cordero, president of the Philippine Nurses Association, has resigned after his name was implicated at Wednesday's hearing, where Dennis Bautista, an examinee, revealed that the leak originated from Cordero himself.

Sto. Tomas said Marilyn Yap, PNA vice president for administration, would succeed Cordero.
Sto. Tomas said however that other PNA officials from the regions were calling for the resignation of all five members of the PNA executive committee.

He said PNA vice president for programs Victoria Ramon should also resign after Bautista told the Senate hearing that Ramon was in the final coaching session at SM Manila, where the leaked questions were given to the students.

Ramon admitted that she was there but only because her daughter was an examinee.

I think its funny how UST shows their support to catch the culprits of the leakage scandal by shouting RETAKE. What the heck is the connection? PRC already said that the retake is optional, please accept defeat already. And is obvious that you people are more about the retake than catching the culprits of the nursing leakage. Why is PRC rushing to give the oath taking already? It's simple unlike you selfish people, they want us to move on and work. Its been 2 months already from June 11 and 12. Give us peace naman, natapos na eh ayaw pa tigilan.

"there's no way to redeem the credibility of the exams" vice pres of adcpn said, then why on earth are you going to stop the oath taking ceremony?! eh sa optional nga yung retake eh! when there was still no final decisions, you were all shouting of a retake, ngayon na binigyan na kayo ng pagkakataon na mag voluntary retake, oath taking nmn pakikialam niu!! hell!! what are u really up to?! cant u just give us, passers, credit and help us move on and work?! o kahit let us work nalang coz we dont need ur help!!

kayo ba uupo during that examination days?! kayo ba nenerbyosin?? ha? now, its getting obvious and more obvious that u arent after the saving of the integrity of the exams.. u all are nothing but corrupt, shameless, narrowminded, selfish bastards!! to think deans pa nmn kayo! and how dare you call us INCOMPETENT?? sh*t, u are producing dumb nurses in your school?! anu ba yan! buti nlng im not your graduate! thank god! kakahiya kayo! kayo rin lumuloblob ng sarili niu sa putikan.

basta, im gonna take oath tomorrow d2 sa bacolod. :)

panu yan, eh wala na kayong lamang samin, colleagues? pwera nalng sa edad! and yeah, i swear i wont be as stupid as you people are when i reach ur age.. mga walang modo. and u dare call yourselves leaders??! come on!! get real!! u think ure still worth respecting?! think agen.. think a million tyms!!


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