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Nursing board passers’ oathtaking to push thru

Nursing board passers’ oathtaking to push thru
PRC clarifies results of earlier test will be recorded in spite of retake


The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Commissioner Avelina dela Rea said that the PRC Chairperson has already ordered all regional directors to conduct oathtaking for the board passers in the recently concluded nursing licensure examinations and to require that they wear their proper gala attire during the oathtaking rites.

"Board passers are enjoined to register at the PRC regional offices and appear before their regional director (or whomever the regional director designates to administrate the oath) in their proper attire to take their oaths immediately after registration," Dela Rea said. "This time, oath-takings will be conducted individually."

PRC chairperson Leonor T. Rosero also clarified yesterday that those who failed the nursing licensure examination given in June, 2006 may retake the exam but results of the earlier test would remain on record.

"Those who failed the exams will be allowed to take it again as many times as the Nursing Law permits but each examination, including the June, 2006 examination, will be recorded," Rosero said.

Rosero was correcting an earlier report that said ‘’those who failed the exams will be allowed to take it again without any record of failure.’’

The PRC chairperson said the report misinterpreted her statement at a press conference where she said that "those who pass the exam but want to take it again will be allowed to do so in the next nursing examination in December."

Meanwhile, the PRC explained its actions on the reported leakage during the controversial nursing licensure examination.

"The invalidation of the leaked Test III items means that the result released are already net or clean of leakage and the passers are fully competent on the subject covered," the PRC said.

"For Test V, the treatment resulted in the devaluation of the weight of the test to about 10% of the weight of the whole licensure examination. Further, since 100 of the questions in Test I to IV contained concepts on psychosocial alterations similar to Test V, PRC approved the recommendation of the Board to combine the scores. The result of Test V which was released to the public therefore shows that those who passed are competent on the subject," it added.

The PRC assured the public that its treatment of the leaked portion of the examination "was the best decision it could adopt under the circumstances, since nullifying Test V would be unfair to the majority who did not benefit from the leakage."

The PRC said that it had directed Board of Nursing members Virginia Meduja and Anisia Dionisio, who had earlier been identified as the alleged source of the leakage, to go on leave of absence.

Administrative charges for neglect of duty have been filed against the two, the PRC said.

The PRC and the National Bureau of Investigation are probing the leakage, it said, adding that "if they are found guilty, PRC can revoke their licenses without prejudice to filing other charges."

In the wake of the leakage, the PRC said it has resolved to adopt the following:

1. Request Congress to enact a bill that will compel review centers to submit the names of their reviewees to PRC to enable the identification of beneficiaries in case of leakages like this in the future and make the correction of scores more specific.

2. Revise its rules accrediting professional organizations to include in its criteria that owners, officials and teachers of review centers should not be officials of the Accredited Professional Organization (APO) since APO nominates members to the board to remove all possible sources of conflict of interest.

3. Propose to the CHEd to incorporate a three- to six-month review course in the curriculum, an integrating subject at the end of the course work, to provide the needed synthesis to examinees.

4. Correct weaknesses in internal PRC systems to further strengthen controls in examinations.

Meanwhile, the PRC Board of Nursing has recommended amendments to the Republic Act 9173 (Nursing Law), including Article III, Section 9 to read: "The authority to open and close colleges of nursing and/or nursing education programs shall be bested on the Commission on Higher Education ONLY upon the written recommendation of the Board of Nursing."


So ibig sabihin right after registration,they will conduct the oathtaking right away? Isn't it that registration are arrange alphabetically?

oo nga. pano kung Z ang 1st letter ng srnane ko????????

can sombdy Pls. answer my question????

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