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Sweeping under the carpet

Sweeping under the carpet

Aside from the abundance of fruits, flowers, and nature’s other blessings, Davao City is also known for being a center for nursing education and as such has produced countless topnotch nurses who have been deployed in literally every corner of the world. This distinction has been carried both in the initial heyday of overseas jobs for nurses in the 80s, through the slump in the early 90s, and now in its resurgence as a major overseas employment generator. Davao City’s nursing schools and its nurses have done the city proud, and tens of thousands of families have benefited from their singular dedication to service.

Now, however, a blight in the board that oversees the nursing profession is causing untold damage and great distress to the nursing community not just in Davao City but in the entire country. The alleged leak in the last nursing board examinations has set back the nursing profession and put in question the quality of nurses the country produces, and now government agencies like the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) are probing the matter. From all indications, the anomaly started from the top, with two members of the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) Board of Nursing (BON) facing administrative charges for the alleged leakage. Their actions, no doubt in exchange for monetary considerations, made it possible for a few students to breeze through the exams.

What benefited a few people, however, is harming thousands of others who have worked hard to pass the exam but are now unable to secure jobs both here and abroad because government has so far failed to resolve the matter. One proposal, emanating from the schools of nursing all over the country, is to hold a retake of the board exam, but House majority leader Prospero Nograles has stood up for the nursing students – including his constituents in the first district of Davao City – and flatly said no to it. Why should all those who have passed the board exam be made to suffer because of the wrongdoing of a few? Besides, the PRC itself erred when it announced the results of the exam even though it knew there were questions being raised on them.

We agree with Nograles that only a real investigation in which the culprits will be found out and punished will suffice in this case. A retake would tend to sweep the entire thing under the carpet and will not result in a satisfactory resolution.


mabuhay si prospero nograles! yan ang totoong may malasakit sa mga nurse na pumasa ngaun.

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