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Recent nursing exam passers sign manifesto against re-take order

Recent nursing exam passers sign manifesto against re-take order
By Bong Garcia

BOARD passers of the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) in Zamboanga Peninsula region with support from their families, relatives, friends and mentors, are urging Malacañang and the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to "punish the guilty and spare the innocent."

The Zamboanga Peninsula 2006 NLE passers' call was contained in a manifesto released Monday even as they ardently urged Malacañang to repeal the order on re-take of the nursing board exam.

At least 500 new nurses from the region, including the fifth placer, gathered last Friday at the gymnasium of the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) in this city and staged their protest against the order of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for a retake of the NLE.

President Arroyo has ordered last Wednesday that new nursing licensure examination be given to fix the damage caused by the scandal-tainted June 2006 exam on the integrity of the country's nursing profession.

"We ardently pray that the position of Malacañang and PRC to 'Punish the guilty and spare the innocent' be sustained and upheld, and the Executive Order on 'RE-TAKE' BE REPEALED WITH A 'NO RE-TAKE' to give justice to those many of us who really labored to pass the NLE as our way of thanking those who supported us with blood, sweat, and tears," they said in the manifesto.

The new nurses from the region believed that re-take of the June 2006 NLE is not the only solution to save the integrity of the examination and the nursing profession considering that the root of the leakage issue emanate from the integrity of the people who have the stake in the NLE.

They said the "stigma" created on the June 2006 NLE has been addressed already with the favorable statements made by international and local agencies, and especially by the previous statement made by Malacañang, encouraging local and international agencies "to be positive to us, the examinees of the June 2006 NLE."

"A good number of us has already been absorbed by some local and international agencies and institutions," they stated in the manifesto.

They said the PRC, being the official institution vested with the authority and responsibility to regulate and issue licenses to professionals by virtue of law, has already officially "ruled, with finality, our passing the 2006 NLE and has issued a certification and administered our oath-taking."

"We strongly appeal to all the powers that be, to seriously address the very root of the leakage issue rather than punish us, the examinees, with a re-take of the NLE and that we shall not be made the victims or scapegoats of the dishonesty of the few," they said.

The new nurses said the greatest victims in the re-take order are their families, who have sacrificed and invested so much energy, emotions, and resources "to pull us through."

They protested that it is a gross violation of their basic rights and a grave injustice against them if they are made to re-take the June 2006 NLE.

"We respectfully appeal to the conscience of those who are in power to influence the decision of a re-take, to be human enough to consider the great hardships we have gone through, exhausting and draining resources, energies and emotions, enduring psycho-emotional stress, just to pass, with integrity, this June 2006 NLE," they said.

"Please do not forget that the dynamics in the provinces are far different from that in Metro Manila," they further stated.


Poorly written. Walang papansin ng position paper na ito.

bakit poorly written? bagsak ka lang kaya ka ganyan! haha!

Brod / sis, bakit poorly written? Basahin mo! particularly the direct quotes. Kung OK para sa 'yo, thats fine, it just shows na MATALINO ka nga! hahahahah. ehem, pasado po ako!

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