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With ‘retake’ order, Arroyo addressed wrong issue

With ‘retake’ order, Arroyo addressed wrong issue

Last updated 01:26am (Mla time) 10/04/2006

Published on Page A14 of the October 4, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

JUST when we thought everything was all right, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo gives in to her spin doctors and announces a retake.

Dante Ang, chair of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, who argued for a retake and pressured other Cabinet members to accede to his position by using the National Council Licensure Examinations (not being held in the Philippines), thinks that everyone who took the exam would go to the United States and live the life of plenty. He never thought that not all of them are destined to go and work there and some of them will stay behind and serve here, or go to countries other than America.

As for the University of Santo Tomas, its Nursing faculty members probably think their students are the only ones who were given brains by God and who have the right to become nurses. The UST Nursing faculty should wake up. They shouldn’t be sour grapes just because their cum-laude graduate did not make it. There are students who are as bright as or even brighter than their students. For sure, the UST nursing graduates who passed the June 2006 nursing board exam do not like the high-handed moral stand the faculty members have taken.

Those examinees must now be grumbling against their faculty’s over-zealousness -- for they themselves do not want a retake. UST moved heaven and earth and apparently succeeded. To hell with the innocent, they are the collateral damage. What a devil-may-care attitude from a school that professes the teachings of Christ.

And what about us who passed but were not at all involved in the cheating? The government says it will take care of the test fees. What about the miscellaneous expenses for, say, refresher reviews which entail the bigger costs? Will the government pay for them, too?

Or will UST and Ang shell out from their own pockets and put their money where their mouths are? We’re not discounting the examinees’ and their parents’ anxiety, stress and sleepless nights that cannot be monetarily measured. If they do so, then, maybe -- just maybe -- we successful examinees might yet agree to a retake.

Successful Nursing board examinees, arise and be counted. Let your voices be heard -- now! Organize! At least do something! Do not take this lying down. Maybe, we can still do something to claim what is morally ours.

The President addressed the wrong issue. The ones responsible for all these problems are scot-free. They are back supervising their review classes and collecting money from students. They’re the ones the President’s men should run after, not us. We did nothing wrong.


CORRUPTION! is the simple reason of the government in pursuing the retake.

50,000,000.00 pesos ang inilaan para sa retake ng board para sa nursing profession...gayong14,000,000.00 ang kailangan to retake the exam... election in may is fast approaching!

be vigilant! our beloved nursing profession are being used for corruption.

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