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PRC files raps vs 2 nursing board members

PRC files raps vs 2 nursing board members
By Alcuin Papa

Last updated 06:01am (Mla time) 07/21/2006

Published on Page A5 of the July 21, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

THE PROFESSIONAL Regulation Commission (PRC) said yesterday it had filed administrative charges against two members of the Board of Nursing who contributed questions to the nursing board exams on the suspicion that these were leaked to some examinees.

PRC Chair Leonor Rosero also told the Inquirer yesterday that the 17,000 nursing graduates who passed the board exams given in June could still lose their licenses later if it were found that there had been a “leakage” of exam questions.

“The more than 17,000 nurses who passed the recent board exam may take their oath on Aug. 22. But if the National Bureau of Investigation finds evidence of a leakage on the examiners’ part, their (nursing graduates) licenses could still be revoked or suspended,” Rosero said.

Rosero yesterday confirmed administrative charges had been filed against Board of Nursing members Anesia Dionisio and Virginia Madeja “for neglect of duty that gave rise to the leakage of test questions.”

If found guilty, Rosero said the two could lose their registration certificates and professional licenses.

Presidential appointees

Both were told to go on leave until the investigation was completed. The PRC does not have the authority to suspend or remove them from office since the two are presidential appointees, but the questions they contributed to the PRC’s Test Questions Data Bank for nursing were deleted.

The PRC has also asked the NBI and the Department of Justice to investigate the matter and determine the criminal liabilities of any party.

The filing of administrative charges against Dionisio and Madeja was based on the report of an independent fact-finding committee formed by Rosero on June 28.

“The committee did not establish how it (leakage) got to the examinees. That is why we gave it to the NBI. We would like to clarify that the leakage did not come from the PRC but outside it. It was beyond our control,” Rosero said.

The PRC excluded about 20 questions prepared by Madeja for Test III (Nursing Practice III) from the computation of the results. It also nullified the results of Test V (Nursing Practice V) after some examinees “may have benefited from the handwritten notes leaked from the test questions” prepared by Dionisio.

Rosero said the PRC decided not to nullify the entire exam -- given on June 11 and 12 -- because the questions from Madeja and Dionisio that were allegedly leaked did not affect the overall result of the exam. She said the integrity of the exam was intact.

Each of the five Board of Nursing examiners is assigned to submit 100 questions for a particular area of the exam. Of the 500 questions submitted, 100 are randomly picked to constitute the exam. The questions are then stored in a data bank for possible use in future exams.

“In the case of Test III, the remaining (80) questions were good enough to measure the students’ knowledge of the subject. In the case of Test V, the result would not have affected the grades of the examinees,” Rosero said.

No advantage

She said the PRC hired a statistician who came up with a formula that led the agency to decide on the outcome of the exam.

“There was a formula that was given in the computation of the results that would make invalid the effect of any leakage. We also found that if you had access to the leakage, it would not have favored you. The statistics and our methods will bear us out,” Rosero said.

She said she was able to question Dionisio and Madeja about the alleged leakage recently but both disavowed any knowledge of it. The PRC has refused to furnish the Inquirer contact numbers for the two.

Allegations of cheating surfaced in Baguio City after nursing graduates there complained of a leakage that allegedly emanated from the R. A. Gapuz Review Center in the city.

The review center has denied any involvement in the leakage. Ray Gapuz, company founder and chair, admitted, however, that he had received a faxed copy of an 18-page handwritten manuscript a day before the exams. The manuscript supposedly contained topics that came out in the board exams.


Kalokohan ang pinagsasabi ng PRC. Malaking kalokohan! Hindi makakaapekto ang pagtanggal sa ilang parts?! Pwede ba naman yun?

anong di makakaapekto,alam ko sa sarili ko na nakuha ko ang test 5.... tapos tinanggal nyo napaka unfair nyo.... gumagawa kayo ng kalokohan pati walang kinalaman nadadamay.... sana makunsensiya kayo... future namin ang nakataya dito...

Nakapanlulumo naman ang ganitong pangyayari. It must be really hard for those honest examinees who devoted extra time, effort and resources to ensure mastery of the areas that were scrapped out.
Kahit saang anggulo tingnan unfair talaga. Just imagine the agony of waiting and uncertainty ng mga examinees. Victims rendered paralyzed by the flawed system claiming to be intact.

With all due respect to the members of the board of nursing who were not in cahoots with the two "presidential appointees" (wait! does having this title make one untouchable?),I don't know if the revocation of license or better yet putting the alleged source of leakage behind bars is enough to serve justice to the victims. (Well! kung totoo nga ang mga haka-hakang tumanggap ng P20 million ang mga board members na involved, apektado pa kaya sila ng pag-revoke ng kani-kanilang mga lisensya?).

Walang magawa kundi abangan na lang ang mga susunod na mga kabanata...

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