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Living With An Autistic Child

Autism is a poorly understood disease that is difficult not only for a diagnosed child, but also for family members who must learn to adapt to the child's special physical and emotional needs.

Here are suggestions from the Autism Society of America:

First recognize and admit that caring for an autistic child can be overwhelming -- you'll only make yourself feel more stressed if you try to convince yourself that it's not.

Each member of the family needs some time, doing what he or she enjoys and not focusing on the autistic family member. Everyone needs a break.

Reward yourself with a special meal, movie night, or other treat every so often while family or friends care for the autistic child.

Consider joining a support group or counseling session for families and parents of autistic children. Sharing your experiences with others can be a big help.

Try breathing and relaxation techniques.

Keep a journal of what you're experiencing and feeling. Getting your thoughts down on paper may help relieve stress.


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