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PRC Chair Says No Glaring Leakage in Nursing Exam


The controversy hounding the nursing board exams continues with Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) chairperson Leonor T. Rosero declaring that there was "no glaring leakage" in the June 11 nursing licensure examination.

In a press forum at the Ambassador Hotel in Manila yesterday, Rosero said that while there were certain questions from Tests III and V that leaked, the PRC removed 25 items from Test III and reduced the rate in Test V from 100 percent to 10 percent which could have been covered by the "leakage" so that those who cheated would not benefit from it.

She said that the PRC did not actually void Test V in question, but only toned down some scores and eliminated some questions.

The claim was supported by Board of Nursing chairperson Eufemia Octaviano who also gave the same view as Rosero's on the leakage issue at the forum.

However, members of the Faculty Association of University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing said that in a resolution dated July 12, 2006, the PRC invalidated and excluded the 25 questions which were allegedly leaked from the test questions prepared by Virginia Mandeja, in Test III or the Nursing Practice III from the correction and computation of the scores of the examinees and nullified the results of the examination in Test V or The Nursing Practice V.

The group said the move brought concern to the UST College of Nursing community as it appealed to the PRC to suspend the scheduled oath-taking of successful examinees, while results of a full-scale and independent investigation are pending.

"We are fully aware that the PRC invalidated the 25 questions in Test III as well as all questions in Test V . The said tests measure the knowledge and competence of nursing graduates in two key subject-areas of the nursing curriculum: Medical Surgical Nursing (Test III) and Psychiatric Nursing (Test V). These subjects are major areas of competence of the profession, and deprived students who are good in those subjects," said Prof. Rene M. Tadle, president of the Faculty Association of UST College of Nursing.

Tadle said the move by the PRC also brought confusion on the basis of computation of grades of the examinees.

"We must insure that the medical profession is not infiltrated by incompetents to whom patients may unwarily entrust their lives and health," he said.

"Would the government allow the risking of patients’ life and limb under the care of nurses with doubtful competence?"

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ewan ko... hindi kailangan ng matalino to come up with sound judgment ang PRC... they never know wot this wud bring... isa pa... they never respected yung complaint about the anomalies in the exam... they never respected truth... and they never respected yung pagod ng mga nagpakahirap... posting results bago matapos yun imbestigasyon... i passed the exam... pero hindi ako masaya... knowing na mas marami sa mga kaibigan ko failed.. and even lahat kme pumasa... hindi pa rin nkakatuwa... kse... parang andami pa ring ninakawan ng pagkakataon!

I agree on PRC's action to the leakage scandal by removing those leaked parts of the exam. Imagine if those leaked items are included the more the chance of those said cheaters would benefit from it and achieve high scores.

It is very unfair for those examinees who passed to be judged easily as undeserving professionals. "shame on those people who are not tired of giving reasons for their own failure".

i sooooo agree!! sourgrapes lng.. dami na nila tlga.

Come on! Sourgraping isn't even a word in the dictionary.

Hehe hayaan nyo lang maging bitter yung mga bagsak, kase they have the right to. Ok lang yon, e kung kasama kayo dun?

yeah, let them. kasi pag sinupress nila bad feelings nila,, masisira ulo nila. pero if ever i failed (thank god i dint) i wud rant but not to the extent na sasabihin ko na those hu passed shudnt be considered as nurses. ive read such from the comment on the other article (before this one). lets face it.. not all are guaranteed to pass. evryone hoped na makasali names nila sa passers list one way or another. dont pull the passers down, my other chances pa nmn. grab it nalng..

HAHAHA! Natatawa ako sa mga nakapass. Parang kontento na sila. Alam mo mga passer, dapat nga kayo ang nagsosour grape jan eh. isipin nyo, u were robbed. we all robbed. ang pinagkaiba lang natin, pumasa kayo at kami ndi. isipin nyo kung kasama yung test 5 and yung lahat ng test 3. na madali lang lalo na yung test 5. siguro iba ang average grade nyo. malay nyo nag top 10 pa kayo. well jan natin makikita ang attitude ngayon ng mga nurses. nakapsa na ok na. kawawa mga pasyente nyo!

defense mechanisms talaga.. a big help sa mga d nkapasa. eh kinuha na nga ung ibang items, hindi pa rin kau nakapasa, wat more kung included? tsk tsk tsk

17K/40K?!?! kung tatay nyo ko uupakan ko kayo eh.. 4 years ko pagaaralin, tapos local board exam di papasa?! dapat B.S. dress making na lang kinuha nyo..

hahaha.. well, may nagsbi nga, pag masyado kang matalino, magrartionalize ka. kaya next tym pala, ndi na ako magrarationalize. sagot lang ng sagot. BTW, yung sa psych test, 10 percent lang kinuha dun. tanga mo naman para ndi maintindihan yun. laki ng difference nun. and btw, sa psych test, yung 30 items dun pinalitan yung ans. hahaha. bakit ko alam?! sa akin na yun!

kung ikaw anak ko, baka ikahiya kita. 4 yrs kita pinagaral, tapos pumasa ka nga sa board, may question naman sa credibility. anonymous, ano sasabihin mo sa anak mo kung tinanong ka, kailan po kayo pumasa ng board, sasabihin mo june 2006, tapo sasabihin ng anak mo, ah yung may leakage po.. ano ma fefeel mo?!

a friend of mine passed the nle (she didnt attend any review center just self-review) but still planning to take the december if the prc will allow her to take it again so there will be no hassle after a yr that the nbi will finally say that the whole exam will be nullified and the prc will revoke the license. so to those who passed dont celebrate yet! ul never know whats gonna happen unless this whole issue is finally over! so i guess just demand for the nbi investigation to come out as soon as possible

alam nyo, lahat yta nakapassed nabulag na.. naniniwala ba kayo sa nakuha nyong average?!? Yung top 1, sabi walang leakage daw. merong leakage yun. well, i know kasi nagreview sa amin yan. hahaha. btw, gudluck sa mga pumasa

tama ka anonymous. bilib ako sa friend mo. dami nga nagsasaya na. kala nila RN na sila. dami nagbubulagan.

to anonymous siguro hindi ka talagang tatay. kung parent ka you will support your children yong ang tinatawag na uncondional love.siguro may interest ka rin sa anak mo na tulungan kang umahon sa kahirapan.hindi kita masisi pero huwag mo silang obligahin.responsibilidad mo ang bigyan mo sila ng magandang kinabukasan,kung mayaman ka naman so be it support ka na lang financially and emotionaly.

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